Photographers Needed! Shoot “A Day In The Life Of Westport”

“06880” posts one Pic of the Day, each day.

But the Westport Library hopes for hundreds — on one special day.

All Westporters — professional and amateur; old and young; native and newcomer; those with Nikons and those with iPhones — are invited to take photos at any time (or all day) on Wednesday, June 21.

That’s the summer solstice, so there should be plenty of light.

Shoot anything, or anyone. The only requirements: It must be somewhere in Westport. And use a high-resolution setting.

Send your 3 best images — one at a time, at the largest option offered — to Put your name and “Westport” in the subject line.

Photos chosen will be featured in the library’s Riverwalk hallway (lower level) from July 3-21. An opening reception is set for Thursday, July 6 (6:30 p.m.).

So on June 21, go for it.

Give it your best shot!

If you’re up early on June 21, you might get a shot like this. (Photo/Dave Curtis)

4 responses to “Photographers Needed! Shoot “A Day In The Life Of Westport”

  1. Stunner of the bridge. Can’t get enough pics of the bridge.

  2. Elisabeth Rose

    What is the deadline? I figured we had until 12 midnight today…

  3. Elisabeth Rose

    Hi Dan, I hope you get this email.  I just wondered if you will still be taking photos tomorrow.  We still have one more hour of Wednesday, the 21st, but I have tons of photos to go through and wondered if you had a deadline?Please let me know….  Thanks! Elisabeth