Senior Center Expansion Moves Forward

With support from a wide range of town officials, the Westport/Weston Clergy Association and — most importantly — longtime residents, the Board of Finance last night unanimously approved $3.975 million to expand the Senior Center.

Dozens of Westporters had written in praise of the project. Finance members seemed moved by the broad support — particularly the emails and letters (many of them handwritten) from men and women who have lived here for decades.

The expansion will add 8,362 square feet to the Imperial Road facility, and add 27 parking spots.

Construction could begin in the fall of 2018.

A rendering of the proposed Senior Center building.

2 responses to “Senior Center Expansion Moves Forward

  1. Estelle Kesselman

    dan: While I am thrilled about the expansion of the Senior Ctre (being a member since its inception), I am concerned about the plans for the physical fitness program. As of the moment, some important machines are being eliminated while others are being added (which to most people to whom I have spoken) said they would to or could not use. Also the number of people in each class is being expanded to 12 rather than 8 which would make it impossible for a single instructor to do the job properly. Perhaps I am being premature, but considering how important the Center is to me personally I feel I must be outspoken about my concerns. Thanks for your blog to which I am addicted. Estelle Kesselman

  2. Susan Pfister

    I appreciate and hear your concerns but they are all way too premature. The size of the fitness room will double – that we know which is terrific. The equipment will be state of the art and age friendly – that we know. The specific equipment will be determined by professionals in the field who have offered to volunteer their expertise and who are very familiar with the needs of seniors. The instructor to senior ratio will always be one that is safe for the room – safety in the Center has always been my utmost priority. Please trust that the Enhancement Committee will continue to work hard to see that the expansion project continues to move forward on budget and on schedule. I’m excited and I want you to be, too!