Andrew Wilk Picks Up Pops’ Baton

Most days, Andrew Wilk works behind the scenes. As executive director of PBS’ “Live from Lincoln Center,” the longtime Westport resident has brought the magic of Luciano Pavarotti, Leonard Bernstein, George Balanchine, Yo-Yo Ma, Renée Fleming, Nathan Lane and many others to viewers across the country. The show is noted for stretching technical and creative boundaries.

Last year Wilk advised the Staples TV production staff, as they aired the high school’s 1st-ever Pops Concert at the Levitt Pavilion.

The event returns this Friday. (Tickets sold out as soon as they were available.)

This time, Wilk takes center stage: literally.

One of his passions is conducting. So — at the invitation of orchestra director Adele Valovich — Wilk will wield the baton for Friday’s grand finale: the rousing “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

Andrew Wilk, rehearsing the orchestra at Staples.

“It’s a beautiful facility,” Wilk says of the Levitt. “It’s so picturesque, smack on the river. It will be packed with musicians, and the audience will be full. I’ll be happy to stand up there, as a proud Westporter.”

For once he won’t have to worry about camera angles or cutaway shots.

Making sure the brass and piccolos don’t miss a beat — that’s a snap.

The Live From Lincoln Center remote truck during television production of Lincoln Center Theater’s production of FALSETTOS which is now nominated for five Tony Awards

2 responses to “Andrew Wilk Picks Up Pops’ Baton

  1. Tom Tarrant

    Hi Dan- Tom Tarrant here – Dereje’s father. Nice to see you the other day at the duck race (and I use that verb generously given my poor vision!)… Andrew is a great and very talented guy, as well as a past neighbor of ours, but as usual I have learned much more about him through your column! One question, do you know if this year’s pops concert will be televised? We enjoyed the show tremendously last year but were slow on the uptake for tickets this year… Many thanks for your constant, interesting and invaluable writings.

    • Thanks, Tom! Unfortunately, I don’t think it will be televised — sorry! Next year — 3rd time’s the charm!