Townee Tees: The Sequel

A few months ago, “06880” profiled Ted and Stephanie Vergakis — the local couple whose  “Townee” line of Westport-themed apparel (short- and long-sleeve T-shirts, hoodies, fleeces and rally caps, for adults, kids and toddlers) — was beginning to take off.

One of the best parts of the months since, they say, has been connecting with customers who love the same-day (and free!) delivery, quality and comfort.

Those same customers are not afraid to offer suggestions.

Ted met one — Maury Wind — for coffee, at the ultimate “townie” place: Coffee An’. He suggested taking the Christmas lights off the image of the Cribari (Bridge Street) Bridge tee – and making it more colorful overall.

Maury Wind, in his “Saugatuck Uni” tee.

Maury’s feedback inspired Ted and Stephanie to add a “Requests” section to their website.

“We want to hear from everyone,” he adds. “No request is too big or too small — a onesie for the newest Westporter, or 50 tees for your summer clambake. We can’t fulfill every ask, but we’ll do our best.”

In other Townee news, they’ve hired 3 Staples students as brand ambassadors. Cole Schuster, Bella Jagenberg and Garcia Lopez will cruise around town, passing out stickers, magnets, even free tees and tanks.

“They tell us what’s cool, and what they think people will and won’t like,” Ted says. “It’s insightful and inspiring to have the point of view of smart young adults.”

The Townee street team (from left) Cole Schuster, Bella Jagenberg and Garcia Lopez.

One more bit of news: Joey’s by the Shore has signed on to carry a few pieces.

Next up: tees with local logos, like the Duck and (as homage) Oscar’s.

“I’m not short on ideas,” Ted says.  “I’m sure your readers have a lot too.”

Of course! Click here — and send them his way.

5 responses to “Townee Tees: The Sequel

  1. Diana Schuster

    As a mom it is wonderful to see my son wanting to be part of the community. Go Cole! Congrats Ted and Steph. We live in Townee!

  2. Cole is the best! Happy to have him as part of the Townee Street Team!

  3. Bella & Garcia are pretty awesome too 😉 BIG thanks to Maury’s input and the input of many others helping us launch the 2nd line of Townee!

  4. Marcy Sansolo

    i love my townee tee. #SupportLocalMerchants