Pic Of The Day #31

The Riverwalk – near the Levitt Pavilion and Imperial Avenue, at Dead Man’s Brook. (Photo copyright Lynn U. Miller)

5 responses to “Pic Of The Day #31

  1. Nancy Hunter

    What’s the story behind the name “Dead Man’s Brook”?

    • Michelle Benner

      Yes, I am curious about the same thing! Why is it called Dead Man’s Brook?

  2. Bunny Franco

    This is so near, close to/ almost “in town” & yet, so very private!
    Just lovely!

  3. Pearl Marcus

    I luv Lynn’s photos

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  4. Since I had to sell my mother’s beloved house at 40 Danbury Avenue and then it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, I never get to Westport any more, so I cherish the pix that you post!