The Perks Of Being A Barista’s Mother

The quote above belongs to Katherine Bruan.

The photo below is hers too:

Happy Mother’s Day to every “06880” mom.

The ones who live here now, and the ones who once did.

The ones who are 30, and the ones who are 90.

The ones with 1-year-olds, and the ones whose own moms are no longer here.

Thanks for all you do. You help make this town wonderful.

In other words, you are all great-grand-mothers!

3 responses to “The Perks Of Being A Barista’s Mother

  1. Elina Lublinsky

    Thank you, Dan.
    (Were you the one to arrange for this beautiful weather, by the way? I do believe you have some pull In this town…😉)

  2. Thank you, Dan!