Photo Challenge #124

I thought last week’s photo challenge was different — and tough.

Seth Schachter sent along a shot of 2 kids on the Compo Beach cannons. The question was not where the cannons are (duh), but where you’d find the image itself.

We’ve all seen it. Because everyone in Westport shops at Trader Joe’s.

John Terpening was the first person to guess correctly. He even knew that the exact spot is above the vegetable section. So he wins a year’s supply of free samples at Trader Joe’s.

Following closely with correct answers were Bruce Miller and Susan Schmidt.

Here’s this week’s challenge. If you think you know where you’ll see this — and what it is — click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Jerry Kuyper)

14 responses to “Photo Challenge #124

  1. Elaine Marino

    The shadow made by the metal sculpture in front of the library.

  2. Caroline Howe

    Shadow of the sculpture at the back entrance of the library.

  3. Chip Stephens

    Looks like the back of the old Westport Bank and Trust building next to Spotted Horse where the wind statue stands

  4. Too easy. The shadow of the sculpture at the library entrance.

  5. Seth Schachter

    Outside the library ‘main floor entrance’. Reflection from the neat sculpture!

  6. Correct — it’s the shadow of the sculpture at the upper library entrance (not the back entrance). So with 3 right answers out of 5 so far, it was not as easy as Leigh thinks!

  7. Dominique Dwor-Frecaut

    The shadow of a metal sculpture in front of the upper entrance to the library

  8. Sculpture “Walter” by Naiad Einsel outside front door of Westport Library

  9. Valerie Kermoal

    Westport Library

  10. Susan Schmidt

    Behind urban outfitters…there’s some sculpture there and this could be one!!

  11. Melody James

    Outside the library

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  12. Audrey Doniger

    The shadow of the sculpture named “Walter” outside the upper level of the library…it was donated by the family of Walter Einsel…????

  13. Maxine Bleiweis

    This sculpture is by Westonite Carole Eisner and looks like something Naiad Einsel might have created. Carole graciously loaned “Walter” to be on display at the library entrance.

  14. That is at the library! The sculpture casts a brilliant shadow 😉