High On P&Z List: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Connecticut is not Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon or Washington. Those are all states where weed is — or soon will be — legal for recreational use.

But the Land of Steady Habits is one of 28 that has legalized medical marijuana. The state licenses growers and dispensaries.

Next Thursday (May 18, 7 p.m., Town Hall auditorium), Westport’s Planning & Zoning Commission will discuss whether users could buy it here.

Text Amendment #735 would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to be located in commercial districts — so long as they are 1,000 feet away from protected uses. That list includes schools, daycare centers, parks, public buildings and houses of worship.

Only active, licensed pharmacists can apply for a dispensary license. State regulations also require security systems and restrict advertising.

The hearing is open to the public. Westporters are invited to watch our P&Z commissioners hash this out.

(Click here for the full text of Text Amendment #735.)

4 responses to “High On P&Z List: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

  1. Nancy Hunter

    While not yet legalized, Vancouver police decided many years ago to tolerate the pot shops (apparently more than Starbucks) as long as they operate in a “mellow” fashion, following certain restrictions. Then there’s the annual 4/20 party, with 25,000 in attendance this year. No problem.
    I believe medical marijuana was legalized in 2015.

  2. Harry Smiley

    Don’t let the liberal states bias press lead to the notion that nothing bad comes of this. On a purely logical question, what’s prevents drug dealers and transporters from throwing a pound of weed in their car to cover up the 3 pounds of heroin they are transporting. Oh it’s just weed, then I shall believe there is. I thing else illegal in your car

    • Brian Faucher

      umm… what?

      I fail to see how this has anything to do with medical marijuana, if the person is a drug dealer, they would already have access to marijuana, whether or not it’s illegal, legal for medical use only, or fully legal, so your “purely logical question” is anything but logical (I think you meant hypothetical).

      Also, a pound of marijuana is quite a lot, so if the police pull someone over and they see a pound of marijuana, they wouldn’t be doing their job properly if they didn’t search the rest of the car for anything else.

  3. i find it hard to believe that i’m only the third commenter on this topic…. here in Washington state, we have the ability to purchase recreational and
    medical weed at state-licensed stores, and no pharmacists are involved. you
    have to be 21 to buy it or work in a store. for awhile, there were special medical weed establishments, but that stopped when the dem gov and his cronies got tired of that there is no tax on medicine; so they turned it all into
    recreational (taxable) sales, and the state loves the billions they are raking in
    with the taxes on $25 indoor (sprayed) grams and the like. of course the underground still flourishes, with the finest outdoor organic at $4 or $5 !
    i think it’s a good idea to open the store, just to establish the precedent; probably does not mean you have to shop there, if things in Westport are the
    same weed-wise as they were the last time i stopped in my old hometown !