High On P&Z List: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Connecticut is not Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon or Washington. Those are all states where weed is — or soon will be — legal for recreational use.

But the Land of Steady Habits is one of 28 that has legalized medical marijuana. The state licenses growers and dispensaries.

Next Thursday (May 18, 7 p.m., Town Hall auditorium), Westport’s Planning & Zoning Commission will discuss whether users could buy it here.

Text Amendment #735 would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to be located in commercial districts — so long as they are 1,000 feet away from protected uses. That list includes schools, daycare centers, parks, public buildings and houses of worship.

Only active, licensed pharmacists can apply for a dispensary license. State regulations also require security systems and restrict advertising.

The hearing is open to the public. Westporters are invited to watch our P&Z commissioners hash this out.

(Click here for the full text of Text Amendment #735.)

3 responses to “High On P&Z List: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

  1. While not yet legalized, Vancouver police decided many years ago to tolerate the pot shops (apparently more than Starbucks) as long as they operate in a “mellow” fashion, following certain restrictions. Then there’s the annual 4/20 party, with 25,000 in attendance this year. No problem.
    I believe medical marijuana was legalized in 2015.

  2. Don’t let the liberal states bias press lead to the notion that nothing bad comes of this. On a purely logical question, what’s prevents drug dealers and transporters from throwing a pound of weed in their car to cover up the 3 pounds of heroin they are transporting. Oh it’s just weed, then I shall believe there is. I thing else illegal in your car

  3. i find it hard to believe that i’m only the third commenter on this topic…. here in Washington state, we have the ability to purchase recreational and
    medical weed at state-licensed stores, and no pharmacists are involved. you
    have to be 21 to buy it or work in a store. for awhile, there were special medical weed establishments, but that stopped when the dem gov and his cronies got tired of that there is no tax on medicine; so they turned it all into
    recreational (taxable) sales, and the state loves the billions they are raking in
    with the taxes on $25 indoor (sprayed) grams and the like. of course the underground still flourishes, with the finest outdoor organic at $4 or $5 !
    i think it’s a good idea to open the store, just to establish the precedent; probably does not mean you have to shop there, if things in Westport are the
    same weed-wise as they were the last time i stopped in my old hometown !

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