Pic Of The Day #20

Greens Farms Elementary School (Photo/Seth Schachter)

6 responses to “Pic Of The Day #20

  1. Jack Backiel

    In 1952, I remember starting kindergarten on the part of the building on the far right. Wow…does time fly!

  2. Dorrie Barlow Thomas

    I know the school has changed a lot over the years…the back looks wildly different…the interior has been re-purposed again and again…but that view coming up the drive…classic!!!

  3. John Krause

    Ahhh, so long ago….

  4. Hi Dan. Just read your post about the playhouse event earlier today. I was sorry that I didn’t know about it prior to it being over;(
    I wonder if there is a reason you don’t post about events scheduled in the future, rather than waiting til they have happened?
    There have been a few such events that I learned of in ur blog. Some that I’d wished I’d known of early enough to attend;(
    Is that possible in the future?
    Thanks in advance for any reply and have a
    great Sunday!

    • Great question, Susan. I do preview some events — but usually as a “back story,” rather than just “Here’s what’s going on.” Usually a story will feature info on the group or its background, and I can fold the upcoming event in. For example, the Library’s “Booked for the Evening” piece was about Alan Alda and the science writing part of his life that many people may not about, not simply that he’s appearing at the Library to receive an honor.

      “06880” is a blog about people, places, trends, and events. It is NOT a community calendar. I get 15-20 requests a day for coverage, everything from upcoming events like this, to GoFundMe pages, to sports teams accomplishments, to individual achievements. I can’t post them all; if I did, “06880” would not be “06880.”

      I try to pick and choose, keeping in mind that 1/3 of my readers live outside Connecticut, and could not attend whatever I’m writing about. For today’s story on the state credit for renovating homes, for instance, while it IS an upcoming event, I also thought it is relevant to the eternal teardown-vs.-renovation debate, and also would be of interest to readers elsewhere in Connecticut (and perhaps other states) would think about the financial implications of renovating. It’s a judgment call, and unfortunately I can’t be all things to all people. Organizations ultimately have to rely on their own publicity to get the word out; hopefully I’m just an added feature.

      BTW, that’s one of the reasons I added the “06880+” page: for organizations to post their own events. Here’s the link: https://06880danwoog.com/06880-2/

      Thanks for asking. Apologies for not previewing every event in town — but again, that’s not what “06880” is ultimately about. It’s more “Where Westport Meets the World.”

      • Jack Backiel

        Dan, I’ll be in town for a few days this summer. Maybe I’ll ask you to do a posting because I plan to go to the library one day to sign autographs from noon to 2:30 pm! Jack