Photo Challenge #122

Maybe it was the great spring weather. Maybe the photo challenge was too hard. Maybe my cropping of the image threw everyone off.

Whatever the reason, only 3 readers responded to last week’s shot. The good news is all 3 — Andrew Colabella, Joelle Malec and Brandon Malin — got it right.

The photo showed the bottom part of the Levitt Pavilion — everything below the stage. I took it from inside the Westport Arts Center, across the Saugatuck River.

Joelle even knew that the path beneath the pavilion is called the Jeff Shoup Walkway.

Click here to see the shot that either stumped most readers, or that no one cared about.

I think more readers will click “Comments” to identify this week’s challenge.

Then again, what do I know?

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

15 responses to “Photo Challenge #122

  1. David Sampson

    Onion alley

  2. Somewhere inside the Westport Bank & Trust Company building?

  3. Nancy Hunter

    Shanghai alley

  4. Entrance to Onion Alley

  5. Walkway to entrance to bobby Q’s

  6. Jacques Voris

    The alley to Onion Alley…or Bobby Q’s….or the African American church / housing I think too.

  7. Onion Alley entrance

  8. Elaine Marino

    I want to ask a question about the door, which I find quite beautiful.

    Was this door a part of the Klein’s Department Store facade shown in the photograph below? In that photo, there are two people standing in front of a narrow doorway. Was the striped facade painted wood or brick?



    • Seth Schachter

      Elaine– Can you tell me how you were able to insert an image info the ‘comments’ section of Dan’s blog???? Is it easy to do????

  9. Elaine, the striped facade of the Selective Eye was wood if I remember right and the rest is shingles. I worked there for several years

    • Elaine Marino

      Thank you, Jill, but I am still stumped with where the door in question was located when the old photo was taken,

      Is the striped door that is partially open (in the old photo) the entrance to Onion Alley/Bobby Q’s? If so, was the beautiful ironwork door covered up with a wood facade?

      And based on your response, I take it that the building with the striped facade was Selective Eye and not Klein’s, correct?

      Many thanks,


  10. Nancy Hunter

    New movie theatre digs?

  11. Lower level and access to what was Post154 and now Design Within Reach.

  12. It is the entrance to the soon-to-be-demolished Bobby Q’s. Or, as most of the commenters here call it, “Onion Alley.”