Long Lots Parents Thank Principal

Amy Chatterjee sent this along, on behalf of a group of Long Lots Elementary School parents:

This past week we learned that we will say farewell to Long Lots principal Jeffery Golubchick.

He is a lifelong educator, who prior to running one of our outstanding elementary schools cut his teeth as a teacher in the New York City public school system (as did both his parents before him!).

Jeffrey Golubchick and Amy Kass. (Photo/Jenny Anderson)

He married his wife Amy last summer in New York City, where they currently live. We think it appropriate to share our thanks publicly for all he has given to the Westport community over the last 2 1/2 years.

Teachers and school administrators come in and out of our children’s lives each year. Whether they plan to stay in our community for a few years or their entire careers, the best educators behave as if they are doing their life’s work. They always look for ways to become better, more knowledgeable, more impactful.

Mr. Golubchick made it his mission to be great at his job. Whether he was focused on curriculum development, bringing the magic of live theater to the lower grades, lobbying for building improvements or taking time to visit every classroom to really know our children and hold our teachers to the highest possible standards, Mr. Golubchick honored his work by doing it the best way he knew how.

No teacher, no staff member and no child was insignificant. Every role was important and worth doing well. He never stopped trying to get better, and challenged those around him to do the same.

Jeffrey Golubchick and the Long Lots Lion, at a school party.

In life we can only hope to bring so much to a role that we fundamentally change the experience for those around us. Too many families to count have stories of Mr. Golubchick’s compassion, professionalism and dedication to this community. Probably hundreds of students have stories of positive interactions with Mr. Golubchick.

We know that any principal must walk a delicate line, simultaneously wearing the hats of disciplinarian, cheerleader, arbitrator, educational architect and advocate for many different constituents. One’s cumulative impact in these multiple roles can never be listed on a resume, and if done right will never please everyone. Mr. Golubchick’s impact will be appreciated and remembered by so many of us who were touched by it.

While Mr. Golubchick will start a new chapter, his legacy will live on for years because of his hard work. From upgrades to the building and the birth of musical theater at Long Lots, to his awareness of the evolving demographics in our community and the needs of working mothers, we will not forget the initiatives that Mr. Golubchick introduced to Long Lots.

Thank you Mr. Golubchick for everything! For giving so much of yourself to each of us, and for your passion and dedication to creating a modern education environment for our children to thrive in. Enjoy whatever will come next for you. We are sure that it, and you, will be great together.

6 responses to “Long Lots Parents Thank Principal

  1. Thank you so much! Best of everything in your new chapter.

  2. Amy Saperstein

    Thank you so much for all of your great work!!!
    Best of luck moving forward!!!

  3. Andrea Lawrence Moore

    As a parent that worked with Jeffrey during his time at Saugatuck Elementary, I am sorry to see him go from the Westport Public Schools. He was a bright light at SES, and in his short time at our school he had true impact on the students and teachers. I have missed his presence at our school and wish him nothing but success in the future.

  4. We wish the very best to Jeffrey. In his short time as Assistant Principal at Saugatuck he did a remarkable job connecting with the students. I know my three children were sad to see him go. He is missed. Best of luck in the future.

  5. Andrea Berkley

    In his one year as AP at SES, Jeffrey brightened our school with his enthusiasm for his job, his knowledge about the world of education, and his commitment our kids. Our school was sad to lose him to a new position at Long Lots, and I’m truly sorry he’s leaving the district. He will be missed. Wishing you nothing but the best in your future endeavors, Jeffrey!

  6. Nicole Dodge

    We were so saddened to learn of his departure from WPS. I am an SES parent and during his short time at our school he made a lasting impression. We had such positive interaction with him. We immediately felt as though we had a kind partner in the administration. We wish you every success in the future! Any school would be lucky to have you.