Friday Flashback #37

Saugatuck is in the news a lot.

Consultants are devising a “Transit Oriented District” plan, to redevelop the area around the train station. There’s talk of dredging the Saugatuck River. And of course the Cribari (aka Bridge Street) Bridge is very much in play.

Which makes this the perfect time to look at “timeless Saugatuck.”

Peter Barlow’s view of Franklin Street — heading toward Saugatuck Avenue — was taken from the brand-new Connecticut Turnpike (now I-95) overpass in 1958.

But — except for the cars — it could almost have been taken any time in the 60 years since then.

Hey. I said “almost.”

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Peter Barlow)

11 responses to “Friday Flashback #37

  1. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    Franklin Street

  2. Wanda Tedesco

    My neighborhood growing up. Hide and seek and kick the can. Fond memories of a close knit neighborhood.

  3. Claudia Bradley

    First house on the left, next to the garages, is the house I grew up in. Wonderful memories….

  4. Eric William Buchroeder SHS '70

    Looks like Steve Kaestner’s garage on the lower right. My father came home from the war kind of messed up and worked there for a while. Vague memories of being in a stroller heading down there from Treadwell Avenue to meet him for lunch.

  5. Bruce A. Jones

    DanNot to be difficult, but I believe the car parked at the curb on the right is a 1963 Oldsmobile (I can thank the years I spent working at Savarese Sunoco for this knowledge). So, unless time travel was involved . . .RegardsBruce A JonesSHS 1970Aiken, SC

    • Thanks, Bruce. I got the info on the date from the photographer, Peter Barlow.

    • Edward Bloch

      You’re right about that Bruce, and the dark car partially pulled into the driveway directly across the street is a 1962 Oldsmobile. Could be a police or fire department vehicle (note the roof light).

  6. Peter Barlow

    It’s quite possible the photos I took of Saugatuck were later misdated in my files. The pictures were taken from the embankment next to the turnpike bridge with a new Mamiyaflex twin lens camera I was trying out. If anyone wants to date when that camera came out, that would also date the photos.

    • Peter Barlow

      But of course if the cars are “62 and ’63, that’s a starting point. I dated photographs of boats because that was my profession – pictures around town were more casual.

  7. Oh wow! The photos on this blog are … no words… as the years go by. Childhood recall. Means much.