Please Excuse Eli And Lulu …

This is the time of year when 12th graders suffer serious cases of senioritis.

But Eli Debenham and Lulu Stracher are 2 of Staples’ most politically aware — and active — students.

So this morning — instead of school — they headed to Norwalk Community College.

Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal discussed gun violence. The forum was moderated by Westport attorney Josh Koskoff.

It was an important, informative event. But afterward, Eli and Lulu had a typical high school worry: They needed a note for missing class.

No problem!

They just asked Senator Murphy to write one.

He happily obliged.

Lulu Stracher, Eli Debenham, and the man who excused them from class this morning.

The note read:

Please excuse my friends for their absence. I required their attendance in my forum on violence — under penalty of arrest! — Chris Murphy

You may like Connecticut’s junior senator or not. But you gotta admit: That’s great constituent service!

Lulu and Eli’s note.

5 responses to “Please Excuse Eli And Lulu …

  1. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    What a wonderful ending to the day, for me. Makes me smile. As the mother and mother in law of teachers ….I love this.
    As a side note, just yesterday I was commenting about growing up in Westport and attending it’s schools. My Bedford Junior High math teacher, and I wish I could remember his name, taught us about investing in the Stock Market. We checked prices in the newspaper and “bought” stocks with a specified amount to “spend” and watched their progress. Of course this was all just a paper exercise but two lessons I remember and followed: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and watch and wait, don’t jump in and out. Junior High School! Westport’s educational system just keeps getting better and better.

  2. Dorothy Abrams

    Save the note. Maybe someday it will be the president’s signature.

  3. Josh Koskoff… pretty good at fantasy football too!

  4. Chuck and Mimi Greenlee

    God Bless you guys!