Earthplace “Wish List” Aids Animals After Fire

Firefighters saved nearly 50 animals during last Friday’s Earthplace fire. The only loss was a gray tree frog.

However, the popular nature and environmental center needs a number of items, ranging from a rabbit house and terrarium to falconry anklets and animal care products.

The public can help. Click here for a full “wish list.”

In other Earthplace fire news, officials have determined the cause: spontaneous combustion involving a linseed oil-soaked rag, left after refinishing work the previous day.

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  1. Wendy Chambers

    If you want to send an Amazon gift card (or Petco or the likes) send to

  2. Doesn’t Terrain sell terrariums? Posh upgrade for the frogs?

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  3. Many thanks to our community of supporters and to the 06880 family, too!