Imperial Springtime

It seems like most of Westport is away this week, for the public schools’ spring break.

You could roll a bowling ball down the Post Road and not hit anyone.*

That’s a shame. The weather has been great — at least as good as in Turks and Caicos, Zermatt or wherever you are — with different spring stuff popping up every day.

Alert “06880” reader Fred Cantor snapped this photo on Imperial Avenue yesterday:

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

See what you’re missing?

*Not that I’m suggesting you do this.

5 responses to “Imperial Springtime

  1. I’m here with you, Dan, and it’s been lovely!

  2. Viveka Kjellgren

    We were all at Compo Beach yesterday!!!! Looked like mid-July there!

  3. Dan: nice to see my old neighborhood as I remember it. I delivered papers 9Sunday Bridgeport Post) to both those houses way back when, Lived at 5 Maple Grove Avenue, which was once known as 1 Imperial Park.
    Thanks for the memories.

    • Peter, I gather your paper route was a long time ago. Those two houses were converted into commercial space–I believe law offices at first–many, many, years ago. But I’m happy to report that both buildings display historic plaques and have been preserved very nicely (at least on the outside). I think you would find that, up close, they look just as nice as they did during your childhood.

  4. Nancy Hunter

    Great title, especially during the cherry blossom festivals!
    Is that a star magnolia, Fred?

    Happy Spring.