Metro-North Scores With Hockey Fans

If you ride Metro-North long enough, you see everything.

But until yesterday, Tom Feeley had never seen the Stanley Cup.

The longtime Westporter — whose own sport at Staples High School was wrestling — was heading home on the 4:11. As the train left Grand Central, the conductor said the National Hockey League’s most famous trophy was along for the ride.

Tom thought he was kidding. But sure enough — in Greenwich — a big white-gloved guy walked through, carrying the cup.

It was headed for Stamford. NBC Sports is headquartered there, and they’re promoting the playoffs.

Let’s go to the video!

Most people seem blase. But look closely at the end.

You’ll see Tom touch the Stanley Cup.

12 responses to “Metro-North Scores With Hockey Fans

  1. Nancy Hunter

    Imagine Lord Stanley’s thoughts… Lovely replica!

  2. Not a replica.. That cup travels all the time. It will also be in Darien again this year at a golf charity event. It’s pretty cool…

    • Nancy Hunter

      “Replica” of the Presentation Cup. You never know. Check for the Hockey Hall of Fame seal! Good luck with the playoffs!

  3. Wow, very cool.

  4. Wow

  5. Dave Feliciano

    Many years ago, I was in charge of Playland, and was chest high I paperwork when one of my officers came into my office wit the Stanley Cup. Back then the Rangers practiced at the County owned ice rink at Playland. Apparently, each member of the Championship Rangers would get the Stanley Cup for the Day. Over the years of our young officers were hockey fans, and had been nice to the Rangers during their practice sessions and afterwards, a Ranger stepped by and took pictures with the Guys and gals of the Westchester County Police.

    I was very impressed what terrific young men these young hockey players were, polite, humble, funny and courteous. They would give of their time, both on and off season for our charitable causes. And how democratic to allow each player to have it for the day, not just the owners, and coaches. The Cup like the Hockey Players is a little dented, and scuffed, and better for it.

  6. Tom Feeley Sr

    Way to go πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’πŸ₯…

  7. Jack Whittle

    That’s very cool indeed. I last saw the cup closeup the night (or early morning) after the Rangers last won it back in 94. Hope / pray they do that again this year. LGR!

  8. I don’t believe it’s the first trip for the Stanley Cup on Metro North. After winning the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007, Ryan Shannon, a Darien native, took the Cup from Darien to Grand Central Station via the train after appearing with it at the Darien Ice Rink.

  9. Seeing the Cup in the video also reminded me of a childhood memory. I was a big Rangers fan and, watching them in the 1960s, they never got anywhere near lifting the Cup during that decade.

    But I had the good fortune of playing soccer in the Staples and Westport Club programs–whose success more closely resembled Les Habs than the Rangers. And, in the spring of 1969, the Westport soccer team won what might have been the first CT State U-18 Cup up in Dillon Stadium in Hartford.

    What I can still picture so clearly is that, after we received the championship trophy, we ran around the perimeter of the field with it led by (I’m pretty sure) Ray Flanigan. I was only a sophomore at the time and, having seen NHL stars skate around with the Stanley Cup and British soccer players run around the field with the FA Cup on the Wide World of Sports, it was a very cool experience and maybe the first time I had a little bit of the feeling of what it must be like to be part of a professional championship team.

    Thank you Ray and Jon “Baby” Hand, our senior leaders on that squad!

  10. For the record, the 4:11 is not my usual train! πŸ˜‰