Photo Challenge #118

Westporters love Compo Beach.

We love its boardwalk, marina, playground, pavilion, seawall and its outdoor showers.

When “06880” readers saw Lynn U. Miller’s photo challenge last week — a smiley face drawn in concrete (click here to see)– they were pretty sure it was taken at the beach.

But they guessed every place above. And every guess was wrong.

Finally — 9 hours — Nancy Hunter nailed it, on her final try:

The cannons.

The face can be seen at the base of the cannons, facing the water. Lynn says it’s been there a while.

But it took almost an entire day for Westporters to get the correct answer.

And the one who got it lives a continent away, in British Columbia.

This week’s challenge seems obvious. The postcard says it right there: Main Street, Saugatuck.

(Postcard courtesy of Seth Schachter)

Wait! There’s no “Main Street” in Saugatuck!

But the postcard is correct. If you can identify the scene above, click “Comments” below.

21 responses to “Photo Challenge #118

  1. Saugatuck, Michigan?

  2. Its Saugatuck, all right: Michigan

  3. I’m with Peter and Fred, Michigan.

  4. Peter Barlow

    I just Googled “Saugatuck Michigan current and historic pictures.” What a great-looking place!!! And look at the waterways around it. If your view is not that Saugatuck, at least I’ve had a great learning revelation!

  5. Elaine Marino

    It is not a photo of Main Street in Saugatuck, Michigan. It is a photo of Saugatuck, Michigan, but not Main Street. Parrish’s Drug Store was at the corner of Butler and Mason Street. You can see another version of the same corner here:

    The founder of Saugatuck, Michigan was William Gay Butler of Hartford, CT.

  6. Elaine Marino

    In case you are wondering, the building is still there. The address is 201 Butler Street. Saugatuck Drug/The Village Store is there now. The Facebook page for Saugatuck Drug states that it was opened in 1913.

  7. The corner of Riverside and Treadwell ave

  8. You guys are good! Yep. Post-April
    Fool’s Day, this is Saugatuck, Michigan. Hah!

  9. Mary M Maynard

    Main Street in Westport, CT across from “Anthropologie,” or the old hotel. Or the Y. mmm

  10. Morley Boyd

    Technically there was once a Main Street in Saugatuck, Conn. It’s just that we changed the name to Westport.

    • Well after we changed the name to Westport, the Elite were still calling themselves Saugatuck. Schlaet’s point, Compo.. all in Saugatuck 🙂

      • Morley Boyd

        Place matters. Never tell someone from Southport that they live in Fairfield – unless you have a running start. I like the fact that the Saugatuck Congregational Church is still kicking it old school – in downtown Westport – especially since that was where our first town meeting (as Westport) was held. I give it credit for keeping it real all these years.

        • Bobbie Herman

          Or people from Black Rock that they live in Bridgeport.

        • Nancy Hunter

          — and never have to explain to others which Fairfield County they live in, too?

        • Nancy Hunter

          Mr. Ludlow should have chosen the aristocratic “Fairfeild” spelling, instead.

  11. Excellent point!

  12. Bob Fatherley

    I believe the automobiles are 1919-1920 vintage and “Saugatuck” is really
    Main Street in Westport based on the size of the buildings and the drug
    store shown.

  13. Lee Fleming

    Spent a lot of time in Saugatuck, MI, when I was a kid — has some of the best beaches in the country (but then, most of the eastern shore of Lake Michigan has great beaches!) You can see the original postcard image on the Saugatuck/Douglas Historical website — image is

  14. Michigan. There was a silent movie made very early on in Saugatuck. God all excited about it.. but then found out it was Michigan.

  15. Bobbie Herman

    I read somewhere that the reason they changed the name from Saugauck to Westport was that in the state legislature they referred to “the gentleman from Succotash.”