New Hartford Taxes Could Hit Westport Hard

Governor Malloy is a Fairfield County guy. But a new series of taxes and surcharges proposed by the former Stamford mayor — and under serious consideration by state officials — could hit suburban towns like Westport far more than less affluent communities, and large cities.

Among the revenue-producing proposals:

  • State taxes — in addition to property taxes levied by towns — on homes greater than 6,000 square feet, and/or with “more than two garage bays,” as well as on cars and trucks whose purchase price exceeds $29,999
  • “Excess water use” surcharges, implemented for users who surpass statewide averages (presumably for activities like lawn watering and filling swimming pools)
  • A fee, paid monthly by employers, for any “au pair, nanny, or other childcare-giver employed directly by parents or guardians within a family.”

The draft legislation “may impact some citizens more than others,” Malloy acknowledges.

But, he says, “ultimately all of us in Connecticut bear some responsibility for helping raise the revenue this state desperately needs.”

For a full list of many more proposed taxes and surcharges — most of which could disproportionately target Westporters — click here.

Westporters who own homes like these — with swimming pools and (presumably) garages with more than 2 bays — would be hit with special taxes, under a proposed plan.

20 responses to “New Hartford Taxes Could Hit Westport Hard

  1. Especially the water use tax would be a great idea…profligate water use by the few(Longshore golf course and Birchwood are sinfully wasteful examples) negatively affects the many, and will do so increasing as we go forward.

  2. Mary Ruggiero

    Money raised by that will be just a drop in…meanwhile the governor’s reelection campaign promise to exempt teacher pensions from state tax rises this year from the initial 10% to a 25% exemption. Perhaps the year he was running for reelection he didn’t look at the state budget.

  3. Michael Calise

    Good for a laugh or two. I hope Malloy doesn’t see this!

  4. You got me good, Danny Boy.
    Still, golf course water suck is stupid and socially reprehensible.

  5. Joan Tricarico

    Ultimately Malloy should bear some responsibility for allowing GE and other companies to leave CT with the revenue this state desperately needs.

  6. Mary Ruggiero

    You know, as an April fool’s day column, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Thanks for the link hint.

  7. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    I don’t think this is a good April Fools prank / our governor just my do these things and worse

  8. Clarinda Higgins

    Got me! But I think you may actually have some good ideas here! lol!

  9. Great piece. The last proposed tax caused legs to go wobbly in much of Westport.

  10. Bobbie Herman

    Actually, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. Of course, our house is 2500 SF and we don’t have a pool (or a nanny).

  11. Bart Shuldman

    Dan–great April Fools joke.

    I am just worried Governor Malloy read this and you gave him ideas in which to tax more.

  12. Michael Brennecke

    Anyone who can afford a giant house like the one you posted can easily afford a bit more tax. They also need to address the scam of people who can afford “legal” residence homes in Florida to avoid state taxes altogether.

  13. Beth Berkowitz

    Wow Dan, that’s a good one. I fell hook, line and sinker! I really hope Malloy doesn’t read your blog and get any ideas! Westport and other towns like ours (mostly in Fairfield County) already pay for most of the rest of the state with higher taxes than most other parts of the state. It would be nice if Malloy could balance the budget and get us out the deficit somehow though without loosing businesses like GE and other companies that pay some taxes to be here. Since companies are also always looking to cut costs such as state taxes for them to pay, many look for states that will give them an incentive to move to a place where they will have to pay less in taxes.

    So it’s kind of hard to get a good solution, as no one wants to be the ones that have to pay more taxes to the government, but most people don’t want any services cut that may affect them or their family or their property values.

    Maybe we should increase taxes on only Vices (things that we know aren’t good for us) like tobacco, liquor, gambling, non-prescription drug use, (not that we don’t want to still enjoy our vices), but maybe it would dissuade those who can’t really afford the extra taxes from too much vices. Maybe give a tax break to people who do preventive things for their health like go for regular medical check ups and dental cleanings, and keep their weight above emancipated and below obesity standards for their size and age. Give a tax break for anyone who creates new employment for people who haven’t been able to find a job and can now support their family and pay taxes rather than just use services because they couldn’t afford to live without the services. But I digress. Good April fools joke on us.

  14. Dee Chapman

    Let’s hope Dan Malloy doesn’t read this and get any fiscal ideas. Great Job to the Dan Westport loves.
    Happy Fools Day.

  15. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, I was fooled … more than twice, LOL!

    The thing that clued me in (this time) was that I started getting “replied comments” email threads sent to me during the course of the day today, and I hadn’t even read this year’s April Fools post until 9:30 pm.

    Old entries of previous year’s April Fools comments (including mine) seemed to generate the old email replies automatically, appearing as current follow up comments.

    Am I the only one who got these in my inbox? If so, then … I’ve been hacked!!!! (partial snark).

    Man, you pulled off some crazy shite today, Dan!