Heat Kills!

Last summer, a Ridgefield toddler died when he was left inside a parked car.

Brandon Malin — a Coleytown Middle School 8th grader — thought of that, when he saw “Heat Kills” signs in Fairfield parking lots. He knows that every year, children and pets are left in cars that quickly become sweltering — even on mild days.

But Brandon did more than think.

He acted.

With the support of Westport Animal Shelter Advocates, First Selectman Jim Marpe and other town officials, he’s creating signs. They’ll remind drivers not to leave kids — or pets — in closed vehicles, especially in warm weather.

The signs will be installed in town-owned parking lots, where police feel the risk is greatest. Possibilities include Parker Harding, the Baldwin lot, the beaches, Longshore and library.

After the initial rollout, Brandon will contact owners of private parking lots too.

Right now he’s working with the Staples High School art department on the design.

He’s also trying to raise the $2,500 needed to produce the signs. All donations are tax deductible, and the target deadline is April 8. Click here to help!

But whether you donate or not, remember one thing: Heat Kills!

Brandon Malin and his dog Cali.


10 responses to “Heat Kills!

  1. Audrey Hertzel

    You’re a special young man, Brandon, and I’m happy to help! Thank you, too, from all of those you are protecting!

  2. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Good idea Brandon. I predict that you will have many more good ideas in the future.

  3. Side note but does anyone know if Greens Farms Volunteer Fire Dept is hosting the Easter Egg hunt again this year at Long Lots Elementary? Easter is 2 weeks away but I haven’t seen anything about it.

  4. Clarinda Higgins

    What a way to go, Brandon! you are special!

  5. Thank you for posting this article on Brandon and his signage campaign. He is truly an exceptional young man and plays a very important part in WASA’s effort to be a voice for CT’s dogs, particularly those at Westport Animal Control. The videos he produces for the guests at Westport Animal Control and WASA’s fosters are vital to our adoption efforts and maintaining Westport Animal Control as a no-kill shelter.

  6. How wonderful would the future of our country look if there were more young people like Brandon.

  7. Susie Valentine Collins

    Brandon, thank you for this! You are a shining example of kindness.
    I find it very frustrating to see dogs left in cars on warm days ( thankfully I have not witnessed any children being neglected in that manner).
    If anyone sees a dog left in a car they should call Animal Control at 203-341-5076 (put that in your phone contacts) and if they cannot reach a person immediately they can then call the police department, who will radio the animal control officer to come to the scene.
    Now you are also a fine example of community caring!