Happy Mom And Pop Business Day!

Today is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day!

Chances are you either

  1. forgot or
  2. never knew

about this auspicious event.

No problem!

You can either

  1. send a card or
  2. click “Comments” below, to give a shout-out to your favorite Westport ma-and-pa stores.

And then you can do something really fun:

Actually go to a locally owned business, and buy something.

It’s their day!

I don’t play favorites. But if I did, I’d give a shout-out to Indulge by Mersene, on Railroad Place across from the train station. Here’s Mersene herself, with some of her many unique, amazing creations.

38 responses to “Happy Mom And Pop Business Day!

  1. Nobody better or nicer than Mersene!

  2. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    Love Mercene, not only is she a very special person, but what she has in the store and what she does with the wrapping of everything is totally beyond amazingly creative. She has all price ranges and some very uniquely WESTPORT stuff. Perfect 06880!

    By the way, William Raveis Real Estate is a mom and pop business too! So come buy a house today. We are having our annual company wide event today where we are brought up to date on all our new technology and company wide philosophy so stay tuned as we roll out the best we can offer our clients in the industry! (Sorry for the self plug, but not too often anyone mentions a local start up mom and pop real estate firm that has become the largest family owned real estate company in the country) I know there are many other really good realtors out there too and all of them are independent contractors so each one is also a “mom and pop business”! And many are in 06880 or connected to 06880 somehow!) good luck to all the wonderful realtors connected to 06880 and yes I am working for William Raveis Real Estate in Westport and absolutely love what I do.

    Thank you Dan!!!

  3. Can I find a list of locally owned businesses?

    • Rozanne Gates

      I can refer you to two locally owned businesses Evan – Suzanne Sheridan Photography at 203-222-1441 (suzannesheridan.com) and The Legacy Project USA at 203-222-1441 (thelegacyprojectusa.com) – we are a Mom and Mom business

    • Chip Stephens

      Evan, check out ” ourtowncrier,com ” dedicated to marketing local Mom and Pop shops

    • Colleen Wiedmann

      I can name a few in Downtown Westport:
      Soleil Toile, The Brownstone, Crossroads Ace Hardware, La Rouge, Lucy’s, Pink Lemon Blue Lime, Organachs Farm to Skin, Noya, Age of Reason, Faye Kim, Joe’s Pizza and Westport Pizzeria

      Additionally, I think it would be a great idea for the Westport Downtown Merchants to create a page honoring our locally owned downtown businesses. I will get to work on that.
      Yes, I do work with the WDMA 🙂

      And love Indulge! Such unique and beautiful gift items.

  4. Valerie Smith-Malin

    We love Mersene! Her shop is also beautiful. I’d also like to recognize ASF ( Athletic Shoe Factory) and Atelier Constantin Stringed Instruments ( school instrument rental and repair ). Both are so knowledgeable and a pleasure to interact with. As an added bonus, Constantin’s instruments stay in tune.

  5. Kim Reichert

    I send compliments and congratulations to one of my favorite breakfast and lunch spots, COFFEE AN’. They serve up delicious comfort food of doughnuts, egg dishes, and sandwiches every morning and afternoon, along with warm, courteous, and friendly attention to all their customers. The folks who own/work there are terrific people. It has been my pleasure over the years to get to know George, Nina, Elias, Stacey, Monica, Andy, Heather, and Lisa. What an impressive example of a long-standing local mom and pop Westport business!

  6. Lisa Marriott

    I had the pleasure of visiting Cyrus at Flower Fall this week to order an arrangement for a friend. He is so talented! If you want to surprise someone with some flowers today, I highly suggest you stop by to see him and you will make someone very happy for sure!

  7. Diane Silfen

    From one end to the other Railroad Place is full of all mom and Pop stores it’s a treasure.

  8. Elvira’s. They belong in the Westport Mom & Pop Hall of Fame alongside such past luminaries as Klein’s, the Remarkable, and Sally’s Place.

  9. Chip Stephens

    Forget not Villa del Sol, downtown on Elm. Best Mexican food and Margaritas anywhere. Run by two local gals, Jennifer and Coleen and their family. Soon to be a parking lot, but for now stop by and say where are you going? Westport we hope.

  10. Aini Rockwell

    Mersene epitomizes all that is good and wonderful about small businesses, and more than that she is a wonderful person. She gets to know her customers, she and her staff are warm and gracious and she believes in what she is doing. My whole family loves ‘Miss Mersene’ and any chance to go to her store and be enveloped in her Southern charm is one we look forward to. I agree that ASF is also another gem of a store. Without places like these Westport wouldn’t have half the appeal that it does. In these days where everything is about low prices and bulk, it is wonderful to go to places and actually build a relationship rather than just perform nameless and faceless transactions.

  11. Sono Bakery. Sad to see them go.

    • Jack Whittle

      The rent charged by the landlord is “too damn high” in that location, seem no one can sustain the amount of business it takes to make that nut.

  12. Dan, thank you for all you do for our community!

    I appreciate the opportunity to let all know about our beloved family business, Little Dream Pictures. We do business nationwide, but love the opportunity to work with clients locally.

    A Little Dream Pictures movie makes for a fabulous, one-of-a-kind, memorable gift for yourself or others. Grab your footage (VHS tapes, DVDs, your computer, your phone, etc.) and photos, we’ll edit the material and make a movie that all will cherish for a lifetime.

    Movies, photo restoration, transfers, let us know…

    Call: 203.454.0629 or email: jaclyn@littledreampictures.com


  13. Peter Flatow

    I would have said Silver’s but… Like so many long gone. Such a change since we came to 06880 in 1984. It would be fun so see the “votes” if this were 1984.

  14. Sherwood Diner, 29 years & counting …

  15. Calise Food Market on the Post Road. Amazing food and customer service!

  16. Claudia Hahn, Weston

    Gilbertie’s Herbs and Garden Center! A family owned business since 1922! They will give you best gardening advice and they have best stock, with people who will bend over backwards to provide anything you need. Carrie Gilbertie and her crew do an amazing job – ALL YEAR LONG. They host the Winter Westport Farmer’s Market and have an annual Open House during the holidays with local carolers and scrumptious food. If you haven’t been you are missing a treat.

  17. Rozanne Gates

    SHERWOOD DINER indeed.

  18. Shout out to The ‘Port and The Augeri family! We know you are putting in your blood, sweat and happy tears into establishing a family and community friendly eatery! We’re looking forward to supporting the restaurant when it opens soon!

  19. Sherwood Diner! According to their Facebook page, they opened in 1977:)

  20. Jack Whittle

    Christies Country Store, Coffee An, Westport Pizzeria, Fortuna’s, Calise’s, Sherwood Diner, Elvira’s, Crossroads Hardware – to name just a few of the really long time “mom and pop” places. Many restaurants are locally owned, too many to list really.

    If the Town was really serious about supporting locally-owned businesses, or even just locally-owned business in certain areas (like main Street), it would provide them with a tax incentive

  21. Let’s not forget the Izzo’s and Crossroads Ace Hardware! Service with a smile.

  22. Nancy Hunter

    Christie’s Country Store, circa 1968, even though she scared me!

  23. Rhona Lieberson

    Happy Special Day and thanks Mercene.  Love shopping in your shop.  Always something interesting like a beautiful Skull Pillow that sits on my living room.  Thank you for your great taste and your very special folks that are always there to assist.   Rhona Lieberson

  24. Rhona Lieberson

    Thanks to Al and Chris Diguido….Saugatuck Sweets is one of my families favorite spots as well as mine.  We always point your Westport Ice cream place to friends and family on their visits and of course when time allows…stop and enjoy!  It is a very special place.  Rhona Lieberson

  25. Bobbie Herman

    It’s gotten “Yuge,” and very upscale, but Mitchell’s (formerly Ed Mitchell’s) is a family-run business. It started out with Mom and Pop Mitchell and three suits around 50 years ago, maybe more. The third generation is involved now, and they offer service of the highest caliber, although I can’t afford to shop there any more.

  26. Michael Krein

    Achorn Pharmacy about 60-70 years