Disgraced President’s Desk For Sale In Westport

If I had a desk belonging to the only President of the United States to resign, I probably wouldn’t want to sell it.

If I did want to sell it, I probably would use a high-end auction house. I probably would not put it on Craigslist.

And if I did put it on Craigslist, I’d probably put “NIXON’S DESK!!!!!” in the headline — all in CAPS, with plenty of exclamation points!!!!!

I’m just sayin’.

But right there on the New York Craigslist is this:

Gorgeous mahogany desk — $1450 (Westport)

And the photo:

But not until you read the text do you find (verbatim):

Mahogany desk. Spectacular.

This desk was president Nixons. I do not have a certificate of authenticity. But if you are interested and come see the desk I would be more than happy to tell you the story.

It’s 72″ x 36″ x 30″. The condition is “like new.”

And here’s the Craigslist map, showing where it’s located:

If an “06880” reader ends up with Nixon’s desk, please let us know.

And if you spot any Spiro Agnew furniture for sale on Craigslist, tell us too.

16 responses to “Disgraced President’s Desk For Sale In Westport

  1. Jeff f (jfzx7r99@aol.com)

    I am the one who posted it. And if you read the posting correctly, you would see I do not have a certificate of authenticity therefore it cant be proven. So how the hell would i sell it at a high end auction house genius.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Hey, Jeff – you have two problems – you apparently don’t know how to type English correctly and you have a very unpleasant attitude. I hope your day will be pleasant and maybe you will feel less pugnacious, and sell your desk, too.

    • Whoa, someone’s feeling a little pugnacious today!

      And of course I read the posting correctly. I wrote the story about it.

      • Great. Send me the info of a high end auction house that wouldn’t need any sort of proof of authenticity.

    • Hopefully it’s being sold because you’re moving that bad attitude out of Westport and somewhere else.

    • Dale Nordling

      Hi Jeff,
      I don’t think Dan’s column was meant to criticize you. (I sure didn’t read it that way!) 🙂
      ~~Would you be willing to share your story about the desk with us here? I’m very curious about it now! Was this from Nixon’s home?

  2. Hugh McCann Jr

    How much is a Bubba Clinton desk worth ?

  3. Joyce…wow you can tell all of that from a simple blog comment. You must have nothing better to do today than put your 2 cents in on random blog comments that have nothing to do with you. Sheltered life indeed.

    • Joyce Barnhart

      Yup, nothing better to do on a snowy day – aren’t I lucky? And you sure are cranky. Low blood sugar at this hour, maybe?

  4. Jack Krayson

    Here’s a tip,,,look for a remote tape recorder switch under the right side

  5. Gil Ghitelman

    From your title caption I was sort of hoping, actually praying, it was Trump’s desk.
    We can dream can’t we?

    • yo Gil, i’m with you ! i went out to the store for 15, came back, hit the blog,
      read the header, and thought: “wow, that was fast ! what did Rumphole do
      whilst i was acquiring bananas ?” alas, it was just Dick….

      • Nancy Hunter

        Yikes! For a split second it seemed that you were referring to a fictitious London barrister!

        Sadly, he has chosen to pollute the lovely “Resolute Desk”.

  6. Might have been Nixon’s, but not in the Oval Office.

  7. Jeff-please share your Nixon story. I would love to know it!