Photo Challenge #114

Last week’s challenge was perfect.

It was timely (it looked like an Oscar trophy). It was tough, with several wrong guesses.

But it was not impossible. Elaine Marino was the first — and only — “06880” reader to know that Lynn U. Miller’s image showed one of 2 trophies — there’s a similar one next to it — in the hallway on the lower level of Town Hall, a few feet from the Town Clerk’s office.

They were presented to “Citizens of Westport” by the East Haddam Civic Association, for Best Voter Turnout in the state in the 2000 election (87.54 percent), and the non-presidential year of 2006 (72.7%). Many of us have walked past them often — but never really “seen” them. Click here to see this pretty-cool-to-win trophy again.

This week’s photo challenge again comes from Lynn U. Miller:

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

(Photo/Lynn U. Miller)

Again, it’s something many of us see often. But where do we see it? Click “Comments” below.

NOTE TO YOUNGER READERSThe photo shows something called a “pay phone.” Back in the previous century, you would put a dime (later a quarter) in the slot on the upper right. Then you would pick up the “handset” and “call” your parents to come pick you up. Or your friend to say you’d be late.

In fact, you could do anything with it you can do with a smartphone today. Except text, get driving directions, play games, download movies, deposit checks, find someone to hook up with…



30 responses to “Photo Challenge #114

  1. Michael Calise

    Merritt Parkway Parking Lot

  2. The payphone outside Jr’s hotdog stand (265 Riverside)?

  3. Shirlee Gordon

    On Riverside Ave. across from Saugatuck school.

  4. Train station.

  5. Paul Mazzaccaro

    That is the pay phone outside the audio/visual dept of the Library on the Riverwalk Level.

  6. All good guesses. Also all wrong. Keep guessing!

  7. Matt Murray

    You mean it doesn’t do youtube? Heresy!!

  8. Tom Erickson

    Saugatuck railroad station

  9. Sanrdra Calise Cenatiempo

    I second the library location….

  10. Pat Saviano

    Longshore pool area

  11. Ellen Greenberg

    End of strip mall by CVS

  12. Chloe Wilson

    A museum.

  13. Diane Silfen

    At compo. Maybe

  14. Fred Cantor

    Easton Road by Coleytown El.

  15. All wrong — still. Who knew there were so many pay phones still in Westport?

    Keep trying!

  16. Chloe Wilson

    A bar.

  17. Joanne Kletecka

    Outside the building that has the Norwalk Hospital walk-in clinic, on the Post Road near the Sherwood Island Connector..

  18. There used to be a pay phone in front of Coleytown Elementary on Easton Road… is it still there, and this is it?

  19. Chip Stephens

    By Sherwood Diner

    • Chip is the man! You got it! Well done — a true townie.

      It’s right there at the entrance to the smaller parking lot, to the left of the diner. Everyone sees it — but no one notices it.

  20. Sally Korsh

    At the Norwalk McDonald’s across from the theaters

  21. Louise Demakis

    Should you send Your Note to Younger Readers to Wikipedia to use as a definition? Wonderful.  Louise Demakis

  22. Jimmy Franco

    I believe this is the pay phone on Main Street across the street from where Westport Pizzeria used to be located.

  23. Andrew Colabella

    Sherwood Diner Parking lot on the side where radio shack parking lot is where the free newspapers are. Boom.