Photo Challenge #112

“06880” readers really know their onions.

Well, their coal, anyway.

Last week’s photo challenge showed an old coal bin, on a couple of yards of rail track.

It’s right on the Saugatuck River, behind Saugatuck Sweets. Gault Energy put it there when Saugatuck Center was being redeveloped (in part by their company) several years ago. It pays homage to the long-ago days when boats brought coal up the river to Gault’s headquarters. The coal made part of its journey by rail, before being delivered to Westport customers. Click here for the photo.

Seth Schachter answered correctly, within 4 minutes of the posting. He was followed quickly by William Adler, Daniel Cummings, Virginia Tienken, Robert Mitchell, Peter Flatow, Jamie Roth, Linda Amos, Seth Goltzer, Josh Moritz and Brandon Malin. Congratulations to all (and thanks to Saugatuck Sweets, whose treats are the reason so many folks are down by the river in the first place).

This week’s photo challenge comes courtesy of John Videler. Coincidentally, he grew up right across the river from where the Gault coal bin now sits.

But his image shows a different place entirely. If you know where it is, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/John Videler)

(Photo/John Videler)


10 responses to “Photo Challenge #112

  1. Eileen Lavigne Flug

    Levitt Pavilion?

  2. Ramp at Levitt Pavilion

  3. Cheryl McKenna

    Levitt pavilion stairs to lawn

  4. Shirlee Gordon

    Staples high school near the auditorium

  5. Eileen, Marc and Cheryl: You are correct. it’s an interesting view of the “new” Levitt Pavilion. Congrats!

  6. Levitt pavilion

  7. Seth Braunstein

    Levitt Pavillion?

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  8. Looking down off the steps up to the Levitt.

  9. Front of the Levitt Pavillion by the River

  10. Is this a photo of the lobby at Staples takenot from above?