To Cesar Batalla School, With Love

If you’re like me, you spend time sitting in Riverside Avenue traffic wondering what goes on behind those mysterious windows above Arezzo restaurant.

bonnie-marcus-logoTurns out it’s a design studio, home to the Bonnie Marcus Collection. Launched by Diane von Furstenberg’s former right-hand woman, it’s where 10 very talented people — all local moms — create illustrations for bridal shower, wedding and party invitations; greeting cards; calendars and more.

Bonnie has developed licensing deals with some of the biggest companies in the world. Her designs are found in more than 50,000 retail and online stores.

But today her studio concentrates on one school, in nearby  Bridgeport.

Bonnie’s cards often feature hand-painted sparkles. So Westporter Nicole Straight — who volunteers at the Cesar Batalla School, and is a big fan of Bonnie Marcus Collections — came up with an idea: Give every student there a chance to make a sparkling Valentine’s Day card for someone special.

Westport middle school student Sydney Gusick helped package goodies at the Bonnie Marcus design studio.

Westport middle school student Sydney Gusick helped package goodies at the Bonnie Marcus design studio.

It could be a parent, sibling, teacher or friend. The key is for kids to have fun making their own cards.

Today, Nicole is delivered 1,200 sparkle pens to the school.

Plus Valentine’s gifts for each teacher: A calendar, filled with color and creativity, for every classroom.

Bonnie and the rest of her team enjoyed plenty of smiling faces at Cesar Batalla today.

Who knows? They may find a future designer there too.

(Hat tip: Robin Gusick)

Making a valentine, today at Cesar Batalla School.

Making a valentine, today at Cesar Batalla School.


4 responses to “To Cesar Batalla School, With Love

  1. Mary (Cookman) Schmerker Staples 1958

    Fantastic! Another Westport act of kindness and generosity. We really need to read and hear about acts of kindness like this right now. We need love and sparkle in our lives.

  2. Thanks for the share. The school has a family resource center where they are happy to take all donations. While those boots may seem old to you, most of these families don’t have much for their children, and can pick up what they need here. Ask for Agnes, she runs the center. (203) 579-8526.

  3. I thought those apartments above belonged to Save The Children?

  4. Kudos to the wonderful Bonnie Marcus and her terrific staff for making the holiday (and the rest of the year) a little brighter & more sparkly for so many people at Cesar Battala School. The school is an amazing place filled with dedicated teachers and awesome, deserving kids. There is so much need there and our community has so much to give. Thank you Nicole & Dan, for letting Westporters know about it.