One Less Reason To Visit The Westport Post Office

(Photo/JP Vellotti)

(Photo/JP Vellotti)

13 responses to “One Less Reason To Visit The Westport Post Office

  1. William Adler

    One reason fewer. It continues to make me sad that the actual Paul Newman is no longer available. #Doesn’tSeemPossible

  2. Tactless, ignorant… reminds me of DJT & Co.

  3. Nina Streitfeld

    It seems a tremendous waste that this beautifully designed stamp, created by one of our finest local artists in honor of one of our all-time great Westporters, should lie fallow in a post office archive. Someone might point out to the powers that be in the financially challenged USPS that a rerun would undoubtedly sell out immediately.

  4. …first Trump, now this…..

  5. Bobbie Herman

    I’ll bet if they made posters of the stamp, they could sell them and reduce the deficit. Or, has that been done?

  6. Why????

    I still have a sheet + and saving – only using a few for SPECIAL letters.

  7. Jennie Pickering

    That is THE reason to go to Westport post office – to see that huge beautiful face on that poster!!

  8. Bobbie Herman

    I have a sheet and a first day cover. They probably won’t be worth much until long after I’m gone, but they’re nice to look at.

  9. Keith Styrcula

    Who is the local artist that created the image?

  10. Keith, I don’t know who the artist was. When Dan wrote the original article ( he didn’t tell us there either. ???