Westport’s Oldest Bank?

The other day, alert “06880” reader Peter Tulupman noticed something strange on the side of the Bank of America building downtown.


High up on the side was the numeral “1806.”

That’s not the street number — it’s 126 Post Road East.

And it’s certainly not the year it was built. Despite circling through a number of names (Fleet, anyone?) since its days as Connecticut Bank & Trust — the original tenant, I believe — this is not a 211-year-old property.

If anyone has any idea why this bank bears that number, click “Comments” below.

The first person with the right answer gets a toaster.

5 responses to “Westport’s Oldest Bank?

  1. This was the Connecticut National Bank building. CNB was established 1/1/1806.

  2. Dan, Give that man a waffle-iron,,,!

  3. Robert Mills IV

    Give that man Microwave……..

  4. Jeez, I’ve kinda wondered about that date for years. Years! I say waffle iron, microwave – and free checking…

  5. Carmine Picarello

    Nice one Dan. That’s certainly not the vintage of the building. I recall there were two or three private homes on that site between the Post Office and
    Town Hall in the early 50’s. One had a sign in the front yard saying they took in “Guests”.