Not So Neat News

Two readers report that Neat closed this morning.

A sign taped to the door of the former Wilton Road fire station — nestled between Vespa and Bartaco, serving sandwiches and coffee during the day; beer, wine and cocktails in the evening — announces:

We are sad to say that we are no longer open for business here in Westport. We appreciate your patronage for the past 2 years, and we hope to see you around at our Darien location.

Gratified for the opportunity to have served you here.

A phone call for more details went unanswered.

Neat used the long space of the old Vigilant Firehouse well. (Photo/Riscala Agnese Design Group)

Neat used the long space of the old Vigilant Firehouse well. (Photo/Riscala Agnese Design Group)

(Hat tips: Kirsten Woods, Lauren de Bruijn. Dave Ruden)

11 responses to “Not So Neat News

  1. Too bad. I always thought this place was not quite here or there.

  2. Sad to see. Loved Neat.

  3. David J. Loffredo

    Make it overflow seating for Bar Taco….

  4. The Westport location is so much nicer than the Darien- I am surprised the reverse closing didn’t occur.

  5. Jean LaFitte

    Not surprised – poor service and average product

  6. Nina Streitfeld

    Could the closing of NEAT be due to the 60-minute-only municipal parking immediately outside the restaurant’s entrance? Two of my friends were fined $25 each by the Town of Westport for parking there beyond 60 minutes in what seemed to be the natural restaurant parking places; the sign indicating otherwise was minimal. The municipal restricted parking there was unexpected and strange.
    The parking situation in that area generally is not great.

  7. The service was quite awful. Everytime. Not surprising.

  8. Made Starbucks look like bargain…small wonder.

  9. Always sorry to see small business leave town but I am not surprised. The prices were outrageous, the menu limited, and the service quite bad. A small cup of coffee with no refills was $5 with tax and tip (and it wasn’t even good coffee). It took forever to get served, both in the morning and the evening, as if the waitstaff was doing you a huge favor to serve you. I wrote a review of this place on TripAvisor a long time ago saying that Westporters were smart consumers and that unless things changed (price and service), this place would be out of business fairly quickly. Too bad the owner didn’t read that or if she did, do anything about it. By the way, the Darien location is worse – no table service and much smaller, but wit the same awful prices. When Starbucks is a bargain, you know there has to be something wrong.

  10. Gil Ghitelman

    I still can’t over the closing of Java. That was a coffee joint with a great vibe and a massive following.