Country Curtains: The Closing

Yesterday, I wondered whether the reason for Country Curtains’ closing later this month was because of low sales volume or higher rent.

Peter Jennings, director of Bayberry Property Management & Leasing of CT — the manager of the small shopping center that includes that store, Stiles and Carvel — writes:

Country Curtains is closing due to a drop in business. Doing more in internet sales these days, like everyone else in this virtual world.

It took me 3 years to convince them to come to 06880. This ended up being their #1 store in the chain for many years, but always a top producer. It’s owned by very nice folks in Massachusetts.

Another nearby tenant was The Great American Stamp Store. They moved across the street, but are closing too — for the same reason.

So now you can get your rubber stamps and curtains online.

Along with everything else you once bought locally, from nice, helpful folks.

Country Curtains photos with -- unfortunately -- plenty of empty parking spots.

Country Curtains with — unfortunately — plenty of empty parking spots.

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  3. ElisabethRose

    Another one bites the dust. So sad…

    While I am guilty of buying things online, overall the whole trend is only going to isolate all of us more, even if we are saving money. Nowadays we can order food, books, music, movies, clothing, curtains, furniture, everything on line. We can find a pet online, meet someone online, get advice for anything online.

    We’re almost at the point where there would be no need to go out of out homes…. Between that and being glued to our cell phones, why bother with our own communities? We are isolating ourselves immeasurably….


  4. Bobbie Herman

    There are some things I have to see before I buy them. Clothing for instance — I want to try it on first to see how it looks, and if it’s comfortable. I might say the same for home furnishings. I’m at the point where I don’t need anything anymore, but in the past I bought several items from Country Curtains. Some, I have to admit, were “impulse” purchases. You can’t do that online.

  5. Cristine Edkins

    That’s a shame; however, sadly, business owners cannot always keep up with the likes of Amazon and the like. Let’s all not forget to shop local & all the “Mom & Pops” when possible. We need small town favor and nuance and the local communication & stir that it provides this town is paramount.

  6. Jeff Gershowitz

    At least Carvel should be safe. Pretty hard to buy soft serve ice cream cones online – with or without sprinkles.

  7. Bobbie Herman

    With many businesses having to close due to rising rents and internet shopping, it looks like all that will be left are banks and nail salons.

  8. Kevin O'Halloran

    Does it bother anyone that a large amount of new (unneeded?) retail space will be opening in the spring.. it will be interesting

  9. Michael Don Sullivan

    Oh boy! This news is just so painful to hear, let alone accept. Just so sad!

  10. Michael Don Sullivan

    … I’d like to add, to Jeff Gershowitz! That is funny! Sprinkles or no sprinkles sir? And can I have a bagel with cream cheese?

  11. Arlene Avellanet

    The lack of business may also be due to a change in taste and sophistication in Westport. When I first moved into town in ’83 it was all about colonial this and tole that. Hardly a definition of design preferences today. Colonial Curtains also has a website, so, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.!

  12. Mary Jane Drisgula

    Whenever I went there we had trouble finding a parking spot. One of my favorite stores and sadly one by one my favorite stores are closing leaving mega stores, discount stores all filled with goods made overseas. You will be missed

  13. Bobbie Herman

    I just ordered something from Country Curtains over the internet. As I wasn’t sure of the color, they sent me a generous swatch of the fabric. Their website shows everything they carry. Or you could request a catalog.

  14. June Adeline

    The name Country Curtains is really a misnomer. They have window treatments that suit any style from modern, contemporary to classic or primitive colonial. They also started doing custom. I know internet sales is hurting EVERY brick and mortar store but I do believe the raise in rent made it impossible for them to stay.
    I was a customer for over thirty years (three homes) and I will miss them dearly. Some of the employees have been there all those years and were like friends. Buying online is just not the same.