Timeless Compo

As we think about the end of one year, and the start of a new one, this is a great time to enjoy a “timeless” shot of a favorite Westport scene.

Happy New Year to all beach lovers!

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/Patricia McMahon)

16 responses to “Timeless Compo

  1. A.David Wunsch

    A wonderful photograph. I wish I’d taken it.
    ADW Staples 1956

  2. Charlie Taylor

    Boy I had fun on this beach… I lifetime of sweet sweet memories with lifelong friends

  3. Happy New Year Dan and big THANK YOU for all you do all year long for Westport and the Westporters. This town wouldn’t be the same without 06880. Warm regards. Joëlle

  4. Patricia McMahon

    Thanks for posting my photo Dan.
    This view never gets old.
    Blessed to live down at Compo.
    Wishing everyone a Happy 2017

    • I’ve seen a lot of amazing photos of Compo, Longshore and Westport, but this may be my all-time favorite. Thank you, and happy new year!

    • Patricia,
      I love the photo as it’s a spot where my Dad would take us every weekend when we would walk to the pavilion from his house at 340 South Compo Rd. I would love the opportunity to purchase an 8 x 10.

    • Robin Doak Neyrey

      This photo is beautiful! I keep returning to the image in my mind and on 06880. I’d love to have this image in my study or office. May I have your permission to print or to purchase a print or the rights to print from you?
      Thank you!

  5. Thanks, Joelle. And no, Patricia, it never gets old — but you have REALLY made it fresh!

  6. That’s a beautiful shot. I walk there several times a week. Special view.
    Happy New Year Dan! Thanks for this great slice of Westport every day.

  7. Bob and Julie Fatherley

    A most remarkable photograph with that dense, threatening sky in the
    background. Lucky for you, Patricia to live so close to Compo to experience
    these amazing sights and to want to share them with all of us…Julie Fatherley

  8. Double wow!

  9. A painting, or a photograph that would be a perfect Liberty Puzzle!

  10. Gorgeous and brings back memories.

  11. Bonnie Bradley

    So beautiful… and eternal Westport. Thanks, Patricia

  12. Tremendous framing of the photo and it’s COMPOsition

  13. Great Pic.!