Friday Flashback #21

Tomorrow afternoon and evening, hundreds of families will flock downtown for First Night.

The scene — in the Taylor parking lot and along the Riverwalk, on the banks of the Saugatuck and looking toward National Hall — is a bit different now than in the late 1950s or early ’60s.

That’s when Peter Barlow snapped this photo. He was testing lenses for a local camera shop.

And we think traffic is bad these days!

(Photo/Peter Barlow)

Click on or hover over photo to enlarge. (Photo/Peter Barlow)

20 responses to “Friday Flashback #21

  1. Dorrie Barlow Thomas

    Well I’ll just put this question out there since I know my father (the photographer here) was wondering about this: does anyone know cars (or women’s fashions or Fairfield Furniture’s history) well enough to figure what year this may have been taken? He knows roughly 1950’/60’s, but we were wondering if anyone could get more specific…?!

    • Great image. I’m sure no expert, but that very suave five window Ford Econoline van looks like a 1961.

  2. This may have been before the Turnpike was built.

  3. Hi Dan – The scene from today’s blog took me make 55 years. My friend Jerry Keneally and I used to stop at the convenience store on the corner of The Post Road and Wilton Road as we walked home from Bedford Junior High.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you about the Stevan Dohanos Thanksgiving picture that you put on your blog last month. I love that picture and have gone to numerous sites selling Dohanos’ works but can’t find it for sale. Where did you uncover it? Thanks and Happy New Year, David

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  4. Thanks, David. I can’t remember what the market was called 55 years ago. Later on it was owned by Frank Tucci, and called Premier Market. Today it’s (I think) an antiques store.

    As for the Dohanos Thanksgiving picture: I have no idea. It might have come from his son Anthony, but I sure can’t remember. Sorry!

  5. Michael Calise

    Mayfair Marker A/N/A “the Greeks”

  6. The Porsche 356 cabriolet/convertible behind the Ford (center) was produced from about 1955 to 1965. The one in the picture appears to be a “356C” based upon the tail lights ( ) which puts the production date to 1964-1965. My dad had a ’64 rag top but I don’t think this was his (he had a vanity plate of JFMY). Looking at that plate (CA•—- I can’t read the number), I’m guessing it’s about 1966 as that’s when Connecticut had that sequence ( ). There’s a quiz later……. 🙂

  7. That skirt the young lady is wearing is at the knees, or slightly above. That would probably eliminate this picture being taken in the 1950s. Also, the other woman’s attire definitely would not have been worn in the 1950s. I think that’s a 1962 photo based on the attire.

  8. The ford in center is a 1957 Hairline and is the latest model in the photo.

    • Even if the latest model car is a 1957 model, that doesn’t mean the picture was taken in 1957. It means that among those few cars parked at that moment, that was the latest model. I’m still concentrating on the attire of those women. Those styles weren’t around in 1957 or 1958, as I remember. I still say this is an early 1960s photo, perhaps even as late as 1964.

      • That’s why I am saying it is at least 1964 based on the Porsche’s tail lights. If you look at the wiki page on the 356 the lights are distinctly different and they are quite visible in the picture. It may also explain the women’s skirts time frame, too.

        • OK, so based on the excellent testimony produced thus far, we have an image which depicts vehicles with production dates which range from the late 50s to 1964. Against that we have clear fashion cues which, in this case, serve to narrow the aforementioned range a bit. At this point, absent any other information, it seems like one could reasonably say Peter took this picture circa 1964.

  9. Make that FAIRLANE….SORRY

  10. The Ford in the center looks like a ’59. The car with the driver’s arm out the window looks like a ’59 Mercury.

  11. Hmmmm, Sven; the ’59, I think, had slightly less curve to the “fin” and the fin had the back up light at the end…don’t see the light in the photo….do I need better glasses?

  12. Sharon Paulsen

    I’m thinking early 1960’s, based on the fashion. Women were inspired by/wearing Jackie Kennedy’s style, and this seems to fit the bill here.
    Also a precursor to the “astronaut’s wife” look of the mid to late 1960’s.

  13. I have just found the negative for this photograph. It was taken in 1966.
    That fits well with most of the comments. There are a bunch of views.

  14. The leaves are green