Rolling Stone/Staples Music Connection Continues

This morning, “06880” highlighted Pussy Mannequin. In case you missed that story — or skipped it entirely — the hook was that Rolling Stone magazine named that band’s “Romantic” album the 3rd best of 2016 (sandwiched between David Bowie and Leonard Cohen).

Oh yeah: Half of the band — Marisa Dabice and Thanasi Paul — are 2005 Staples High School grads.

Turns out it’s not the only Westport group Rolling Stone is jazzed about. Charly Bliss just made their “Favorite Songs Right Now” page.

Charly Bliss — that’s the band’s name — includes Eva Hendricks, her brother Sam Hendricks, and Dan Shure. All are recent Staples alums.

The song that’s cited is called (unfortunately) “Turd.” The magazine describes it (helpfully) as “a great punk-rock banger about getting catcalled (‘In your dreams, turd!’).

But before you quickly scramble away from this page, know this about “Turd”: All proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

Go figure.

(To learn more about Charly Bliss, click here. Hat tips: David Roth and Pam Barkentin Ehrenburg.)

6 responses to “Rolling Stone/Staples Music Connection Continues

  1. Dan Lasley (Laz)

    My how they grow up, and refuse to do so at the same time!

    The band website:

    They are touring next month.

  2. Nile Rogers (a Westporter) was voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He also has written a major article in Rolling Stone, Nile “Wowed” us all at the Levitt Pavilion where most of us were dancing in the aisles and on the stage.

  3. Kudos to everyone in your Band!

  4. Very cool, and glad to see that rock is alive and well at Staples.

  5. Makes me feel old & crotchety. What I used to refer to a school bus talk to my son way back when — like 1980. However, Kudos to the Wspt kids! I remember the Beau Brummels…