Christmastime Kayak

Compo Beach is beautiful this time of year.

So is Long Island Sound.

Alert “06880” reader June Eichbaum took this stunning iPhone photo, a few minutes after launching from Compo. The view is toward Norwalk.


There’s beauty all around us, for sure. We just have to know where to look.

11 responses to “Christmastime Kayak

  1. stunning photo!!

  2. At first the water reminded me of First Nation art, then the face of a feline, and then a pool of oil (hopefully not!) A fascinating photograph.

  3. Sharon Paulsen

    Black ‘n White makes this otherworldly! (Plus, just a little bit ominous – lone kayak on winter waters).

  4. Terrific pic.

  5. Lol, stunning phone? Auto correct, I hate you… 😉

  6. Truly a stunning photo! Just hope June is not out there on the Sound kayaking alone.

  7. Wonderful!! So great to see the sound!

  8. Don’t let the view fool everyone. Before venturing onto the Sound make sure that you understand Hypothermia. Water temperatures below 50 Degrees can prove fatal in a very short time. Best to check with the EMT’s before exposing oneself – be very careful out there.

  9. I appreciated what you all said about my photo. That afternoon when I launched the kayak at Compo Beach, the water was warmer than expected. I paddled across the mouth of Saugatuck River towards Norwalk and was struck by an unusual stillness. I said to myself it felt like the proverbial calm before the storm. The longer I paddled, the more the clouds looked brooding and potentially dangerous. But then, unexpectedly, a few rays of sun illuminated the water. In that light I saw or perhaps wanted to see, a message of hope. I reached into the pocket of my life jacket, pulled out my cell phone and somehow managed to capture the moment, hold the paddle and not roll over with the boat.
    Thank you all for your comments. June