Dumping On Winslow Park

No, the headline does not refer to owners who refuse to clean up their pet’s poop at Westport’s wonderful dog park.

It’s a reference to some bizarre sightings recently:


Yes, someone has been hauling furniture to Winslow Park, and dumping it there.

This raises a few questions:

  • Why would someone bring old furniture to a dog run?
  • How did they get it there?
  • When did they do it, without anyone seeing them?
  • What did they expect would happen to it?

If you know the answers, click “Comments” below.

Meanwhile, if you want some old furniture, it seems to be yours for the taking.

(Hat tip: Michelle Lieberson)

17 responses to “Dumping On Winslow Park

  1. Another reason (aside from the parked car breakins) to put surveillance cameras on the parking lot. Should cost less than some of the feasibility studies that get funded.

  2. I can understand dumping old furniture in public places; it’s basic anti-social behavior by folks too lazy to find a proper disposal site.

    What I can’t understand is those dog walkers who go to the trouble to plastic-bag their dog poop, and then LEAVE those poop bags on the trail, against tree trunks etc., which – of course – preserves said dog poop against decomposition (in addition to being just plain disgusting.)

    Can anyone explain this? Is it a form of passive-aggressive behavior against park management for not placing waste receptacles within 3 steps of every possible location in the park?

    Or is it just plan-old stupidity?

    I really would like to hear if anyone some insights into this puzzling behavior.

    • Forgetful. Unfortunately there is only 1 area with 2 trash cans at the start of the off-leash area. As people don’t want to carry the poop around until they leave, they bag it and mean to toss it later. A second location further along the road would help solve this.

  3. I saw what appeared to be a small group of people meeting (or having a class?) and they were using the furniture as tables (I don’t remember what they had on the tables). Not sure if they brought the furniture or were just using it because it was there…

  4. A doggy obstacle course, of course!

  5. Props for doggie agility training?

  6. Carmine Picarello

    Maybe they brought the furniture there for the purpose of training their dogs for the circus. More to my point: let’s remember this is a Park first, not a dog run.

  7. Maybe they were turned down by Goodwill.

  8. Don L. Bergmann

    What is particularly unfortunate is that Westport has such a great trash area on the Sherwood Island Connector. Many Towns do not have such a facility. Don Bergmann

  9. Okay. Maybe skateboard ramps to place on the walkways?

  10. Not sure where in the park the furniture was left, but under a few feet of snow, they will make for great sledding jumps. My boys appreciate it.

  11. Not sure about the old desk, but I am fairly certain the raw wood piece is a traditional training table used to get your dog up off the ground and closer to you. It makes teaching stay and the beginnings of fetch much easier.

    That would validate the class theory that Stacy mentioned in her comments. Someone may be using it for training and left it behind rather than lug it back and forth.

    Not an excuse, but a likely explanation.

  12. I agree. In if those hctures definitely looks like a ramp for dog training

  13. Should read in one of those pictures

  14. I saw a group of young people shooting a film using that piece of furniture as a prop last summer. I believe they brought it in.