Be Careful Out There!

“06880” has addressed this topic before. But with the holiday season here — and traffic increasing dramatically* — it’s worth mentioning again. A reader writes:

On Saturday afternoon, I thought I made the right call walking to and from Playhouse Square. It’s 10 minutes in nice weather — what could happen?

Unfortunately, the lady in the Mercedes SUV who drove right into me ruined that idea. I had the right of way. She just yelled “I couldn’t see you!” and sped off.

pedestrian-and-car-accidentThankfully I just have a minor scrape. Somehow I wasn’t injured, despite getting intimate with the grill of her car. Not that she stopped to see how I was doing or anything…

I didn’t get her license plate. It all happened in 4 seconds. A friend thinks I should make a statement to the police in case there was a traffic cam (I doubt it).

I strongly feel Westport should take notice of the insane effect of so many tiny parking lots, and people going 75 mph on the Post Road. It’s gotten so bad! I used to feel safe walking this town (or driving). Not anymore.

*Hard to believe, but true.

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  1. Scary!

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  3. How horrible for you. So glad you are ok. Please report this to the police; the driver may have been in other incidents and there is a strong possibility that she may be in the future. Let the police have all the available information needed to keep us safe.

  4. If you’ve been hit by one of those cars going 75 MPH, or any speed, on the Post Road, you should definitely contact the police. Last time I checked, Dan wasn’t very good at investigations or arrests. We have a great police force. They can do it.

  5. Horrific! There really needs to be more enforcement on the Post Road. BTW yesterday (Sunday) about 6:45 pm,I saw some crazy driving, and not from an entitled lady in a “Merc,” but someone driving a 15+ yr old Honda.

    Honda going SB on N. Compo Rd passes another car in a no-passing zone (and the passed car was going at least 35). When the beater Honda got to the Compo-Post Road intersectiio, it sailed through a stale red light to make a left onto the Post Rd. (I guess that’s the “left turn on red” principle. )

    I really would like to hear from local police and state DOT on what is being done to bring this crazy stuff under control. I think intersection cameras are worth considering.

    And as for your reader’s hit & run: the police should investigate this as the potentially deadly crime it is. Westport Police, can you comment?

  6. I witnessed something like this last summer by Cooper Auto. I watched as this car stopped to access the traffic before turning onto the street. A man walking stopped to make sure she saw him before stepping in front of the car to pass her and continue walking since she was stopped. No sooner did he step forward then she stepped on the gas to enter traffic. After he slid off her hood, she asked if he was alright and without getting out f the car drove off…..I was in shock just watching this and went over to make sure he was OK. Thank goodness he was……amazing!

  7. I’m sorry that your encounter with the lady driver and her Mercedes ever occurred. I’m glad to hewR THAt you were not injured. It is a dangerous matter and it should have been reported to the police immediately. Perhaps they could have successfully investigated.

    As for a later comment, that reported incident is horrid. However I’m sure that you immediately reported it to the police and this is your secondary report.

    You are the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Do something positive.

  8. I recently had a terrifying incident with an aggressive driver who headed the wrong way out of the Trader Joe’s parking lot and drove directly onto the Post Road at full speed. He then stopped his car in the middle of the road (horizontally taking up both lanes), flipped me off and laughed maniacally. He narrowly missed crashing into me and also several other cars in the vicinity. My husband was in the passenger seat and took a photo of the offender’s license plate. My husband went to the police department and they declined to do anything…..even so much as a follow up call to the driver. So……even if you did have a license plate number I doubt they’d do anything about it.

  9. And to think… 100 years ago 😉 I used to ride my Schwinn from Fairport Road (the area of the former Barkers store) to Sam Sloat Coin shop on a fairly regular basis… Not a chance, today…

  10. Robin Scarella

    Am so sorry to read this. Hope u r really ok. Soreness and injuring can show up later. It really sounds like people have gone over the top there.
    What will it take to make them slow down and care!!!

  11. Something like that almost happened to me today in the Stop & Shop parking lot. I was crossing the closest lane to the store, after looking both ways, when a car came barreling along. I saw it out of the corner of my eye at the last minute, and stepped back. If I hadn’t, it would have driven right into me. I don’t know where it came from. She just kept going.

  12. Kim Crowther Manning

    Recently I was behind a car turning right on to Weston Road. The driver looked to his left before proceeding to make the turn. What he didn’t see was the jogger who was about to cross in front of his car who was running against traffic on Weston Road (on the sidewalk). The jogger didn’t slow to make sure the driver saw him – he just kept running and, thankfully the car saw him at the very last second. I know that pedestrians typically have the right of way, but drivers don’t necessarily think to look right before turning right. I learned just last night in the mandatory parent/teen driver’s ed class that pedestrians, whether walking or running, are supposed to walk with WITH traffic, as opposed to the popular belief that it is safer to walk against traffic. This was a surprise to me, and the instructor said it is a surprise to most. Regardless of the rules, like all of our parents engrained in us, it is important to look both ways, which also applies to drivers turning right or left when pulling on to any road.

    • Thanks, Kim. I am amazed to hear that pedestrians are supposed to walk with traffic. I have been wrong my entire life! (Actually, whoever taught me was wrong — or the “rule” changed…)

      • It doesn’t seem sensible. If you walk or run against traffic, you can move away from oncoming cars. If you walk with traffic, you can’t see them coming.

    • Maybe that refers to when there are sidewalks on both sides of a road?

  13. Ive lived in the area for almost sixty years and the drivers in westport are the most entitled/ obnoxious Ive ever encountered anywhere

  14. Saferoutes says we should we walking against traffic: