Sherwood Island: Revisited

Yesterday’s post on Sherwood Island reminded Westporters to think about the gem of a state park that sits squarely in our town.

It spurred alert “06880” readers Jim Goodrich and Luisa Francouer to wander over and visit. (There’s no entry fee this time of year!)

They admired the broad beach, the vistas across the Sherwood Mill Pond and Long Island Sound, and the woods and walking paths.

But they were surprised to see these sights:



I guess no part of Westport is immune from bad parking.

9 responses to “Sherwood Island: Revisited

  1. Are you sure they weren’t at Starbucks and not Sherwood Island?

  2. Has all the looks of a mock disaster either being set-up, or not yet cleaned-up. WFD painted on several vehicles would support that.

  3. Lol!
    WFD does training there so these must be the props.

  4. Part of the Art Trail, perhaps?

  5. Westport Fire Department and Westport Paramedics were training. They do it every year. They make as realistic as possible. These are essential and practical skills needed to saving lives especially being in the middle 3 major arteries I-95, US RT 1 and Merritt Parkway. Plus some local residental roadways (and maybe some parking lots)
    Go to their Facebook page “Westport CT Firefighters IAFF L1081” and November 27. 2016 post on for more information and photos.

  6. Mary Ann Batsell

    The Westport Fire Dept? Was conducting training on rescueing victims from car

  7. Dick Lowenstein

    Who cleans up this municipal mess? I recall that the BOE wanted to use the distant parking lots for school buses but the State nixed the idea.

  8. Sandra Johnson

    Unbelievable, but, nothing is unbelievable when it happens in Westport!!