Stevan Dohanos’ Thanksgiving

Decades ago, Westport artist Stevan Dohanos painted this Thanksgiving scene:


He often used Westport places — and people — as models.

Does anyone know the back story to this one?

But whether you’re a Westport native who remembers Dohanos personally, or you are celebrating your 1st Thanksgiving here: Enjoy the holiday.

We’re thankful you’re here!

12 responses to “Stevan Dohanos’ Thanksgiving

  1. Of course I remember Steve

  2. and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dan!

  3. There’s a red house with similar gingerbread trim on Long Lots. Maybe that’s it.

    • I’m with Bobby; that nice Carpenter Gothic cottage on Long Lots might have been the inspiration for this wonderful holiday depiction. Need to take a closer look…

  4. I know Tony will have some answers 🙂

  5. Steve lived across from us on Kettle Creek Road;
    he once did a Post cover painting of Jimmy deMaria cutting my hair
    in his barbershop a few doors up from Colgan’s.
    i am so thankful i grew up in Westport.
    thanks to you, Dan, i am home again in spirit every morning, even
    though 3000 miles away on Whidbey Island !
    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone on 06880 !!!

  6. Deborah Wilson Hoult

    Dan, I am grateful for your posts which keep me linked to my hometown while living in the UK. Plus, I am thankful for the upbringing and education I had in Westport.

  7. I remember Steve Dohanos he used my twin brother for a Saturday Evening Poast cover. My father was a photographer in town and we were friends with all the artists

  8. Barbara Sherburne '67

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dan, and to everyone on 06880!

  9. Love these posts – like a Westport treasure hunt.

    Happy Thanksgiving Dan, very thankfull for your contribution to this Town of ours

  10. Bonnie Bradley

    I echo the heartfelt sentiments expressed above and feel unexpectedly one with those of us who grew up in Westport past, remember it so well and love it still. No matter if we remain there or, like myself, we live at a near or far distance, now and forever. And, I appreciate that the new Westport voices give a fresh perspective on the town we all can still be proud to call “home.”

    Westport is special for a thousand reasons: very near the top of my list is Dan’s blog, giving me the chance to remember, learn and share. Thank you, Dan, for your whimsy, your insight and your perseverance.

    Everyone, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!