Westports Of The World, Unite!

The “06880” tagline is “Where Westport meets the world.”

The theme of this story is “Where the Westports of the world meet.”

Every few year from 1985 to 2010, an organization called Westports of the World sponsored gatherings of representatives from towns called Westport. There are at least 25 spread around the planet, as close as Massachusetts and as far as New Zealand.

Now, the Westport in County Mayo, Ireland is reviving the idea.

Westport, Ireland's version of the William Cribari/Bridge Street Bridge.

Westport, Ireland’s version of the William Cribari/Bridge Street Bridge.

The timing is perfect. Next September, the Irish Westport celebrates its 250th birthday.

(By comparison, 250 years ago our Westport was not even a concept. Saugatuck was part of Norwalk. Greens Farms was part of Fairfield. Of course, we were still a decade away from forming our own country.)

County Mayo has planned 4 days of Westports of the World fun. There’s a tour of the town followed by “a cuppa in one of the many cafes,” formal meetings, banquets, a traditional Irish music show, live theater, tours of the area, religious services — and of course a pub crawl.

All Westporters — in the 25-plus Westports, all over the world — are invited.

(“Westports of the World” will be held September 14-17, 2017. For more information, email dlangan@mayococo.ie. To learn more about Westport, County Mayo, Ireland, click here.) 

A scene from Westport, County Cork. In Westport, Connecticut this would be a Teardown of the Day.

A scene from Westport, County Mayo. In Westport, Connecticut this would be a Teardown of the Day.

15 responses to “Westports Of The World, Unite!

  1. My entire family have been to Westport Ireland when my Dad Gerry Turner did some photography for the Irish Tourist Board. What a lovely town with the most gracious people.

  2. I second Jill’s comments about the beauty of the town and how friendly the people are. Our local old-timers soccer team, the Westport Late Knights, had a wonderful trip there in 2002. If you have never been to Ireland and were thinking about it, Westport is in a picturesque area of the country and it sounds as if next September presents a special opportunity.

    PS (Perhaps “06880” would like to send a special correspondent to cover this event.)

    • Thanks, Fred. “06880” has no budget for a special correspondent — but I’m happy to post any reports from any Westporter who happens to head over for the festivities!

  3. Thomas Kretsch

    I was there this fall on a two week journey through Ireland. Connemara Area where Westport is spectacular. Stayed in a little village called Roundstone and drove along the coast to Westport and then through the park. Highly recommend Westport and most of all Ireland. Music, people, food, scenery and golf are wonderful. I’d go back in a heartbeat!

  4. I assume the similarity between your headline and the most famous phrase in The Communist Manifesto is purely coincidental. Since our Westport is a town of bourgeois shoppers, not proletarian workers, and we have in recent years voiced discontent with the disappearance of locally-owned shops, perhaps our rallying cry should be:
    Westports of the world unite.
    You have nothing to lose but your chain stores.

  5. About two or three times a week, we at the Westport Pizzeria get calls from other Westports from people trying to place an order. Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Indiana, Missouri, and Washington have all chimed in. We even had a call from Canada. The delivery orders are easiest to detect since we will get a street name that doesn’t exist. Pickups are a little harder though. About half the people apologize when they realize the mistake, most of the rest don’t call back and the food just sits there. Some have gotten quite irate with us since they couldn’t find the restaurant.

  6. We’ve been there twice, traveling through while on pilgrimages throughout Ireland. Such a charming little village, it’s a happy coincidence that both Westports — theirs and ours — are treasures to cherish. I’m thinking they feel the same way. Happy 250th, to Westport of the Old Sod.

  7. David Feliciano

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  8. Hanne Jeppesen

    Wonder if this little town is included in Westport’s of the world? It is located in northern California, in Mendocino county, on the coast not far from Fort Bragg. It’s population is about 60, it has one old fashion gas station and a general store. I believe the eighties movie “Racing with the Moon” was partly filmed there. It starred Sean Penn and Nicolas Cage.

  9. Such an interesting post! Just found the village of Westport, Ontario, situated on Rideau Lake: settled in the 1820s, land granted by the Crown to a Mr. Hunter(!), incorporated in 1904, pop. 600. Maybe I’ll take a canoe trip there one day…

  10. Fidelma McGuirk

    Hi there, This is Fidelma based in Westport, Ireland. Elaine M, a friend of mine in Westport, Connecticut sent me this article. I think this is a great idea and am delighted to see Dermot Langan is rejuvenating it.
    On my honeymoon in 2007 in New Zealand, my husband and I went deliberately to Westport on South Island to see what it is like. It’s smaller and quieter than our trad-music and outdoor-sport loving town here in Mayo. There is however the most fantastic restaurant on Touramanga Bay with a chef who trained in Denmark and makes killer beef consommee and venison entrees.
    To all Westporters worldwide, it would be great if you come to visit. I’ll be delighted to return the favour 🙂
    Fidelma in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland

    • My dear friend Fidelma has invited me to “her Westport” many times, just as I have invited her to mine. I sincerely hope to make it to this event, and meet fellow Westporters from all over. More than anything, I will get to spend quality time with Fidelma and her family, and go out at night “for the craic.”