Fantastic Fall Foliage

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/John Videler)

Click on or hover over to enlarge. (Photo/John Videler)

Imperial Avenue and Gault Park is in the foreground. Downtown is in the background.

And the wonders of Westport are well on display.

24 responses to “Fantastic Fall Foliage

  1. The sight of Gault Park is amazing. When I was a kid that was a mountain, supposedly the highest point in Westport (but not that high). On top of the mountain every December was a tall lighted Christmas tree visible all over town but especially from the Post Road bridge.

  2. Beautiful. Drone shot? Or was John in a hot air balloon?

  3. Stunning! I love our town!

  4. Don’t forget the Supermoon tonight!

  5. Oh wow! So lovely.

  6. John, that is an awesome shot. You are a whiz with the drone as well as the camera!

  7. WOW! Great photograph, great place!

  8. Is Gault Park, where “Gault Field” (the Little League baseball field) was?

    • No – Gault Field’s still on North Compo Rd

    • Ah, you might wait for an older Townie to answer. Yes, sort of. Gault field was located across Imperial Ave, on the river side, near where Gault Park is (where the river widens)

  9. Gault Field was across the street on the river. When Gault Park was developed the ball field was sold and developed into 5 lots in the mid 80’s.

  10. Glad to confirm that Gault Park is located on top of where Gault Field used to be. Guess I’m an official “oldster” then but I fondly remember playing games there as a “Jet” (Mr. Michelle was the Coach) and the pleasure I felt when my parents would buy me “nickle nibs” and “pixie stix” at the concession stand after a game well-played.

    • My apology for misinforming – I had forgotten about Gault Field being alongside the river there – guess I played too much soccer and not enough(none) little league baseball in the ’60’s.

  11. Gault Park is where the Gault gravel pit used to be.

  12. Sharon Paulsen

    This beautiful image cheered me up today!

    (and made me miss my hometown even more).

    It’s fun to entertain tons memories that come up, just from this one aerial pic.

    Thanks Dan (and Videler)!

  13. John Videler is an incredible photographer whose work opens our eyes anew to the beauty of Westport. Thank you, John.

  14. John Videler is not only an astonishing photographer, but he is a tremendously generous supporter of the not-for-profit community. Shout out from CLASP!!!!

  15. Great shot.

  16. If your little league team played at Gault field after marching in the Memorial Day parade it was like you were playing at shea!