Great News From World’s Greatest Scavenger Hunt

In August, “06880” reported on Tia Pogue’s summer. The Staples High School senior was competing in The Greatest Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen. Suffice it to say, she was not searching for restaurant menus.

Earlier this month, we added details about one of her quests. She and her team had to get a child to write a letter to the universe. Then launch the letter into space. And provide video proof too.

Yesterday, Tia and her diverse, around-the-world group — they call themselves Team Raised From Perdition — got the news they’d been waiting for:

They won!

Perdition beat out more than 2,000 teams — that’s over 30,000 people — to take 1st prize.

Which is: an all-expenses-paid trip to Iceland.

That makes sense. Tia’s already taken care of outer space.

Tia and David Pogue, in their Yahoo video of their outer space adventure.

Tia and David Pogue, in their Yahoo video of their outer space adventure.

Below: Tia Pogue plays a human piano:

(To see Tia’s complete team page, click here. For their spreadsheet, click here. For more information on the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, click here.)

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4 responses to “Great News From World’s Greatest Scavenger Hunt

  1. Beth Orlan Berkowitz

    So awesome! Congratulations and job well done!

  2. Elaine Marino

    Congratulations, Tia! I was going to ask, “What’s next?” for this adventurous young lady, but no need. Next stop: Iceland!

  3. Dave Feliciano

    Creativity, a wonderful thing. Kudos!

  4. Remarkable accomplishment – and very well-earned! Bravo!