[UPDATE] Mourning Noah Witke

Earlier today, the New York Daily News added details to its story on the death of Noah Witke. The Staples High School Class of 2009 graduate was a talented actor, and a beloved friend to many.

The paper said:

The 25-year-old actor who died after falling from the roof of his Harlem building had forgotten his keys at work and was trying to climb onto the fire escape to get in when he lost his balance and fell, police said on Monday.

Noah Witke had gone out to a party for the closing of the New York Film Festival with fellow actors and co-workers Saturday night, but forgot his keys and bag at Lincoln Center, where he was working for the cinematic celebration, police and friends said.

Noah Witke (Photo/Kerry Long)

Noah Witke (Photo/Kerry Long)

Witnesses told investigators Witke left a bar after having a few drinks around 4 a.m., police said.

Unable to get into his W. 134th St. apartment near Amsterdam Ave., Witke went up to his roof and apparently tried to gain access to his home via the fire escape, police said. Tragically, he lost his footing while lowering himself down from the roof and fell from the five-story building around 5:10 a.m., police said.

The Daily News story includes quotes from colleagues and directors — including Staples Players mentor David Roth. Click here for the full article.

Noah Witke and Brittany Uomoleale,, the lead roles in Staples Players' "Romeo and Juliet." (Photo/Kerry Long)

Noah Witke and Brittany Uomoleale,, the lead roles in Staples Players’ “Romeo and Juliet.” (Photo/Kerry Long)

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4 responses to “[UPDATE] Mourning Noah Witke

  1. This is horrible. It’s beyond sad. This makes more sense — tragically — than the earlier roof/intoxication reporting.

    When I lived in The City I always gave a set of keys to a trusted friend or to my brother who lived near me. (I hope people remind even their adult children to do that).

  2. Sharon Paulsen


    I am so so so sorry for the family (and the community) for their tragic loss.

    I didn’t know of Noah or any of his family, but this is heartbreaking, and I grieve heavily for them, because I’ve experienced tremendous grief and loss myself.

    I send thoughts of strength, healing, and emotional peace to those who are in the depths of despair right now.

    Sorry if my words seem too personal, but it was my gut reaction to this tragic news. Dan’s back-story of Noah’s rising acting career, and his death at a prime age into adulthood, made it feel “okay” to express my sympathy to his family and friends, here on Dan’s blog.

    My sincere condolences,
    Sharon P.

  3. Today’s service for Noah was beautiful. It was standing room only for a young man who lived his life doing acts of kindness for others and making a beautiful life for himself. Rest in peace Noah. You have left this earth a better place.

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