Remembering Noah Witke

Noah Witke — the very talented Staples Players actor who thrilled audiences as Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet,” and starred in other productions including “The Laramie Project,” “The Diary of Anne Frank”  and “Twelve Angry Men” — died yesterday.

Noah Witke and Brittany Uomoleale, star-crossed lovers in "Romeo and Juliet." (Photo/Kerry Long)

Noah Witke and Brittany Uomoleale, star-crossed lovers in “Romeo and Juliet.” (Photo/Kerry Long)

A member of Staples High School’s Class of 2009, the Juilliard graduate was 25 years old. He was working with a theater company at the time of his death.

According to the New York Daily News, Noah was intoxicated when he fell off the roof of his 5-story Harlem apartment building at 5:10 a.m.

Noah Witke (Photo/Kerry Long)

Noah Witke (Photo/Kerry Long)

Staples Players director David Roth said, “(Co-director) Kerry Long and I were very close to him. Noah was not only a really good actor — he was also a kind, gentle spirit.

“He was so thoughtful of other people. He was a teaching assistant in Theatre I for 2 years, and was so great with one of our special needs kids. He partnered with him in a scene, one-on-one.

“Noah would have been a really good acting teacher. We are devastated by his loss.”

Funeral arrangements are incomplete.

Noah Witke in one of several ensemble roles in "The Laramie Project." (Photo/Kerry Long)

Noah Witke in one of several ensemble roles in “The Laramie Project.” (Photo/Kerry Long)

19 responses to “Remembering Noah Witke

  1. Incredibly sad.

  2. Heartbreaking. Noah was a classmate of my daughter’s and I was lucky enough to have seen him in Romeo and Juliet. Such a bright light.

  3. We are losing too many young talented people. Very sad what is happening.

  4. Beyond sad. He was a lovely, kind, & polite young man. He was an, amazing “Romeo!” Condolences to his parents and sister Honor!

  5. Kelly Copeland

    My heart breaks for the Witke family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

  6. What a tragic and heartbraking loss.

  7. So sorry for such a terrible loss. I remember him as one of my students at Coley El. Condolences to his family.

  8. Gerry Kuroghlian

    Noah was a sensitive and talented student. My heart brakes for his family.

  9. Noah was a beautiful soul. He was naturally talented: a gifted dancer,actor and singer. His death is a shock to all who knew and loved him.

    Karen Siegel

  10. Andy and Eileen Yemma

    This is incredibly tragic. Noah was one of our daughter’s friends in middle and HS and lived around the block. We remember how friendly and polite he was as a youngster, and we admired his gift for acting. We recall how great that performance of Romeo and Juliet was at Staples. Our hearts break for his family.

  11. Heartbreaking.and what a terrible loss. I think sometimes, there but for fortune. Being 25 is a very precarious point in life. We thought we were invincible. Not so as it has been sadly played though out my life.
    Condolences to his friends and family..

  12. So sad. So senseless. So young. Just heartbreaking. My condolences to the Witke family.

  13. Carol Mueller

    What a tremendous loss, we are so sorry. Noah was one of my son’s friends and a classmate since Coleytown El. I remember Noah’s soft spoken manner and love of life. Our heartfelt condolences to his parents and his sister.

  14. Noah had a beautiful spirit. He was kind and compassionate and captivated all of us with his performances at Staples. My condolences to the Witke family.

  15. A Wonderful, Caring, Talented Young Man…We have known Noah since Pre School. My Heart goes out to Vanessa,Todd & Honor
    His Memory Will Live On

  16. I met Noah in Kindergarden, we grew up togethether and for many a time he was one of the only kids my age I could relate to. Such a beautiful and talented soul gone too soon. Doesn’t feel real <3

    • tletzler: I’m terribly sorry for you. It must be a terrible shock for you & everyone who knew him.

      I went to Staples also & did theatre makeup for the Players (Class of 78). My brother was the audio engineer for the Players (Class of 71). I remember how close everyone was — working together there. Also I had friends that went to Juilliard in the 80s. They were all very close also — so I have a picture of this kind of life & friendship (inc. having lived in NYC in a tenement).

      I was up & on my phone when your post came through & I thought I would answer because of the hour… so you’d know someone was reading.

      I hope all the best for you & his friends & family — even though I’m a stranger.

      Please look after yourself.

  17. Isabelle Breen

    Noah captured my attention all the way back in kindergarten. As a parent helper for a month or two, he was frequently at my reading table. He had ‘the light’ even as a small child. I was happy for him as his success as an actor grew, he was so deserving. Clearly, many people remember his performance as Romeo, it was so pure and guileless. I was thunderstruck by this news and my deepest condolences go out to the family.

  18. Our daughter, Hannah, acted with Noah before we moved out of Westport. Wonderful young man. Tragic story. Hasn’t Westport had its fair share? Also, may i ask you, Dan, out of respect for the family, that we leave the word “intoxicated” out of your blog. Let the Daily News do that work.