UPDATE: Police Detain Burglary Suspect

A break may have come in the spate of break-ins in Westport homes.

Minutes ago, the Westport Police announced that a suspect has been identified in connection with recent burglaries. That person is in custody for crimes committed in nearby towns, and has confessed to Westport burglaries.

Arrest warrants are pending, and an investigation is ongoing. Westport detectives are working with area departments that have experienced similar incidents.

Meanwhile, police advise residents that Greens Farms and the Easton Road sections of town have experienced burglaries, as well as reports of suspicious people knocking on doors, telling fabricated stories about an internet posting or broken-down vehicle. This is believed to be a tactic for suspects to identify unoccupied residences.

Police ask Westporters to call 203-341-6080 with reports of suspicious activity, or information about recent incidents.

Westport Police


6 responses to “UPDATE: Police Detain Burglary Suspect

  1. Quick response. Great job by law enforcement.

  2. Arline Gertzoff

    Good police work.I urge people not to answer their door to anyone they don’t know. Keep all your doors locked including your garage.Look out an upstairs window to see whose at the door.If your car is in the driveway or in the garage lock it.Simple things often help.PS don’t leave the keys under the flower pot.As the commercial says if you see something that doesn’t look right it probably isn’t so call911.

  3. Agree- Great job by our law enforcement !!!! ‘Shout out’ to the Westport Police !!!

  4. Residents would be wise to copy license plates of cars of people who come to ones house or behaves suspiciously

  5. I was hoping Dan’s post today had more to do with Bob Dylan’s Nobel win!

  6. Bart Shuldman

    Dan. Many thanks for keeping the residents of Westport up to date with this issue. And great work by Westport police.

    While I learned that the Westport police posts information regarding police situations, would it not be better to use 06880 to inform the residents of ongoing police concerns? ‘Pushing’ information of this type to the residents seems much more informative and productive then having the residents check the website frequently to see if something is going on.