Attempted Break-Ins Jolt Town

An alert — and concerned — “06880” reader writes:

Your “feel-good” story about Minute Men Cleaner’s return of money contrasted with the not-so-feel-good story of an attempted break in at my residence last Friday — which apparently is not an isolated incident. I share with you the story, hoping that readers will be careful to observe any suspicious activity and contact the police with any information.

Last Friday early afternoon, I left my house for 2 hours, then returned to Greens Farms.  All seemed normal.

I let my dog out, and noticed wood on the ground. Then I saw fresh wood on the door molding. My first inclination was that an animal did this.

I quickly realized though that someone (or a group of people) had tried breaking into our house while I was gone. I called the police. When they came, they said a number of other houses were hit around the same time.

They took photos, info, etc., and mentioned we were lucky to have a deadbolt on our door.  They said the crow bar that was apparently used was no match for the deadbolt.

A deadbolt helped deter the burglars. Here's what the door frame looked like afterward.

A deadbolt helped deter the burglars. Here’s what the door frame looked like afterward.

Hopefully our dog also started to bark. We do have a house alarm. It was activated but not triggered, since the intruders failed to enter.

This whole experience is very unsettling. My family has lived in 3 houses in Westport for 6 years. I have been married for almost 20 years, and have never had anyone attempt to break in to any of our homes.

We know we are fortunate not to deal with a break-in during the middle of the night, or even during the day. However, this left us feeling very violated and frustrated.

Westport PoliceNeedless to say, my children were surprised to see police when they got home from elementary school. I explained what happened. My son was more excited than scared, and couldn’t wait to bring this to “share” come Monday.

My 7 year old reacted very differently. She said, “I feel sick and scared.” I did everything to reassure her she is safe, and that the police will work on capturing the criminals.

When I told friends in the area what had happened, a woman told this story:

One morning last week, 2 youths rang my doorbell. I thought they were selling magazines. My dog was going crazy, so I didn’t open it wide or talk long.

They said they were looking for an address. I tried to help, but they hustled off.  For some reason it felt ‘off’ to me all weekend. It was weird that they didn’t say ‘thanks,’ and one of the guys was really smiley, like he knew he was being deceptive.

I closed the door and thought, which is unlike me, that these guys were casing the house, that I was grateful to have been home, and also to have my dog going crazy at them.

As I finished typing this, I just found out that a number of police cars were out in my neighborhood today, near the Post Road. Was it another attempted break-in?

Sad that we have to say and do this — but please be alert and lock your doors. Set your alarms if you have them.  Please call the police if you see anything.  Hopefully whoever is doing this will be caught.

P.S. A shout-out to local company Jake the Locksmith. They came to our house  the same day to see if the integrity of the door was compromised. Great service!

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8 responses to “Attempted Break-Ins Jolt Town

  1. Is there anyway we can get a bit more information on this. I am hearing this from other people as well and I am concerned, especially for a working parent with kids that are getting home alone. Time of day, etc? Thanks!

  2. Glad you didn’t suffer more of a loss. Two things come to mind:

    It would be great if the police blotters were more useful in keeping the community up-to-date on what’s happening in the town, so we can be more aware of things we need to look out for. Seem they are mostly sensational domestic abuse reports than useful information like this.

    It’s noteworthy that the burglars attacked what looks like the hardest part of the house. That is quite a strong front door, compared to breaking a single pane of glass to open a window. They don’t seem to have been too bright. -Chris Woods

  3. The local press cannot be expected to repeat every item on the police blotter; that was the old days when we would scan the Police Reports in the Westport News (twice a week) to see if we recognized any names.

    However, the Westport Police Department is very transparent in their crime reporting, and these can be easily seen (listed or shown on a local map) using – the Westport PD’s has info on their page on the Town website:

  4. Staff Corporal DelVecchio, Westport Police Department

    Check out our social media pages for information as well., follow up on Instagram at and @WPDCT on Twitter.

  5. Hello everyone:

    I figured I share my story. On September 13th myself and other neighbors in our neighborhood were in shock and disbelief after 3 homes in our neighborhood were broken in to and burglarized between the hours of 11:00 pm and 9:30 am including ours. Most of us all know that we are a very safe neighborhood and town which makes this extremely unsettling. We are in the Westfair Drive, Dexter Road, Old Road, North Bulkley Roads.

    The points of entry were made at the rear/side doors and windows. We had our alarm on but didn’t have sensors on our windows (we do now). This is becoming an awful trend here in town.

    Please evaluate your home from the inside and out and consider taking measures to better safeguard your home. Lock your doors and windows, keep the outside lights on and motion lights activated. Remove valuables out of the car such as purses, wallets and electronics, etc. Please notify the Westport Police Department if you observe anything suspicious!

    Also, if you haven’t already please sign up for eSubscribtions (Code Red) to sign up for alerts by text, email, phone, etc. by the Town of Westport Police Department.

    Such an awful violating feeling! The Town of Westport PD did an emergency Code Red Alert via phone to all residents and businesses in town on that day (9/13).

    Please all be safe!


  6. Elizabeth Thibault

    I would really encourage residents to look into camera systems for their homes. A decent entry-level system can be found for just a couple of hundred dollars, and installed fairly easily by homeowners. (My husband set ours and a neighbors up. Several of us on our street have them, and they have helped identify not only when someone tore down a sign, but also when a delivery truck caused property damage.) They are a deterrent and people do take notice of them. If you can do something that encourages a criminal to find an easier victim, look into it.

  7. This is very sad. Back when I lived in Westport in the 60’s – 80’s we never locked our doors. We had 2 loud little Cocker Spaniels for our Burglar Alarm 🙂