Crew Blue

Have you noticed J. Crew’s new look?


According to the Westport Downtown Merchants Association:

The temporary color change is in honor of J. Crew’s October catalogue, which was shot in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. The trip was so inspiring that they named one of the colors in their collection “Dutch Sky.”

Good thing they weren’t inspired by the statue of a certain little boy in Brussels.

26 responses to “Crew Blue

  1. Horrible…….stopped me in my tracks the other day.

  2. Thank goodness it’s temporary. Hopefully, they remove it soon. Truly mars the pretty downtown aesthetic.

  3. Elina Lublinsky

    I love it.

  4. Wanda Tedesco

    Way to blue!! Not in downtown Westport. UGH, I ran the other way and crossed the street to see if it would look better.

  5. It’s good that that little boy has survived all of these years. No?

  6. Jerry MacDaid

    I would imagine at one point something similar might have been said about a pink building formerly up the road. Until, of course, it became a beloved unique fixture in Westport that was ultimately destroyed by greedy landlords (or something like that).

    • Nobody publicly complained then about the colour of The Remarkable Bookshop. It was the late 60s. Greenwich Village had tipped over & poured into Westport (& Provincetown & Fire Island &c.). If any very elderly people minded very few people would have known about it as they were extremely taciturn — as I recall them.

      • Jerry MacDaid

        I’m guessing you are right. And for those who minded, there was no Internet making it easy to complain.

        • Yes you are right. (Are you stunned I’m on your side Mr.Macdaid?!). Suddenly every single person in Westport thinks they are William Morris! (English textile etc. designer w/ very strict concepts… who I worship… but still!). Suddenly nothing modern is meant to exist in Westport. It’s getting a bit weird!

          Because as I said before: as a local here for over fifty years — I have ZERO recollections of any of the elderly Westport Yankees w/ families here since the 1600s either using the words ‘New England’ (which is let’s face it *code* NOW for a LOT more than just a place in the Northeast) or feeling raked over if an ultra modern house was built.

          I want preservation of antiques — which as a painstakingly trained artisan I appreciate for their handmade attributes — but I love modern building. 17th & 18th & 19th c. buildings WERE the modern buildings of their day. It’s not a difficult concept!

          You CAN put an Eames chair on a 19th c. Oriental tribal carpet & the world will not dissolve into chaos. It is possible. And I would add: lovely when both have spirit.

    • I forgot to say in my earlier reply: This was funny Mr.MacDaid

    • PS: I think the Kramers (get it? Kramer in reverse: Remark-able…) whose shop it was — owned the building & sold it when they gracefully aged. So nothing on the scale of a Greek tragedy or Nordic Saga transpired there in regard to it finally closing. Although I could see how one might get that impression from the sheer number of times people mention it over the years.

  7. Exactly, Jerry.
    Why advertise a History that no longer exists.

    • This is funny also. I like your use of the word ‘advertise’. It makes me think of a model showroom. A model house. A model bedroom in a department store. Toytown *New England* is beginning to have frightening Twilight Zone type overtones!

  8. Estelle Kesselman

    do they promise it is only temporary. Such a monstrosity and insult for Main Street!!!

  9. I like it! This is the colour that wards off *Evil* — used for such purpose in the Levant & North Africa. Perhaps thats why there is nobody in front of the building in this photo!

    It’s the desperately required antidote to the *code* words “New England” tossed around like a weapon recently to keep out ‘low income’ housing. More blue buildings please. 🙂

    • Jerry MacDaid

      The other code words are “character” and “density”.

      • YES! ‘character’ phwahahahaha.
        & pray tell — what ‘character’ would that be. Nobody is thinking of me: w/ amber skin & almond shaped eyes looking like I stepped out of a ‘house of hair’ (Lebanese Bedouin goat hair tent) when they are talking about ‘New England CHARACTER’. Despite I am one of the VERY few people I know BORN in Westport & over 55 years ago now. (& please stop telling me I “don’t look American” people!).

        The ‘density’ thing is a riot also! It’s mixed use housing on what amounts to a HIGHWAY people! (I refer to US1/Post Road). A highway which is ALREADY filled w/ the most horrific post WWII strip mall architectural mistakes that the world has ever seen. Yet the elderly & people w/ disability & others who for whatever tragic reason have had wealth pass them by — are not even allowed to live on a dangerous HIGHWAY. WHERE pray tell are people w/ disability from birth — forced to live on ONE QUARTER of the average Social Security meant to live?

        Probably if Mars is colonised (which some dreamers are already discussing…) people will go to Mars RTM meetings to prevent people w/ disability & the elderly & people of colour & people who are all three from living there ALSO. It’s inhumane.

        Then the SAME people have champagne parties to raise $$$ for the disenfranchised people of colour & people w/ disability & elderly who they won’t ALLOW to live on a HIGHWAY in their town. (I’m guessing to assuage their guilt & heighten their image amongst each other).

        It is weird — because I KNEW these old CT Westport Yankees & Saugatuck Italians & Irish etc. — some born in the 19th c. who NEVER spoke or behaved like this. So I’m super confused at what kind of ‘New England’ that never existed in this manner — some Westporters are trying to fossilise. It’s a weird & ultimately inhumane fantasy. Keep the ancient homes & the wetlands & drop the racism & other discrimination (poverty etc.).

        • PS: By building charming purpose built project based low income housing rather than wasting $$$ on fighting 8-30g projects.

  10. Andrew Colabella

    it is an eye sore, it’s so at odds with main streets upscale new england aesthetic that it’s more of an eyesore than a landmark.

  11. You cannot even compare “the Pink” Remarkable Bookstore being a quaint old cottage with foliage nestled on the corner against the 3 story cement intense blue commercial building. One could have lived in the bookstore it was so charming. Apples and oranges………

    • The Remarkable Bookshop WAS a house that WAS “lived in”… by a sea captain. The paned windows were replaced w/ plate glass & voila! a shop.

      At the time he built this I don’t believe this would have been considered a “cottage” but rather a good sized house of it’s era. People frowned upon display of wealth here then… something sadly lost now… Partly out of a sense of community & empathy & politeness… This often equated to homes which may seem tiny to some now in the age of McMansions… or like “cottages”.

      The WHS knows more about the original dweller & the provenance of this house. (I’ve forgotten the rest).

      People used “cement” then also — albeit made w/ local shells — some of which you can see stuck in the hardened mixture (lining local wells or in parts of foundations etc). I think the romans used it! It’s not something *new* & thus scary & horrible.

      I think Mr.Macdaid was referring to the bright psychedelic pink paint vs. the architecture.

  12. Jane K. Biagini

    What an incredible change for Main St. I’m born and raised in the exclusive town of Westport and love the history however appreciate the changes.