Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #92

John D. McCarthy, Richard Stein, Vanessa Bradford and Susan Huppi all knew that last week’s photo challenge showed the rooster that sits cockily atop the Westport Country Playhouse.

Patricia Blaufuss nailed it too.

Of course, she should. She’s the Playhouse PR person.

Helpfully, Patricia added this information in the “Comments” section:

For many years, the rooster weathervane has had a watchful presence over the Playhouse, a former barn. Beginning some 40 or more years ago, the rooster was such a WCP icon that Rocky the Rooster (usually an intern dressed in a rooster costume) became the adored mascot and genial host of the WCP children’s presentations.

In the 1980s, local artist Stevan Dohanos drew Rocky on the playbill cover. A Rocky logo was used in advertising. Former executive producer Jim McKenzie honored outstanding contributions to WCP with Rocky Awards. When the Playhouse was renovated in 2005, the rusted weathervane was meticulously restored to its former glory and placed atop “the barn,” continuing the tradition.

Who knew? (Click here for last week’s photo.)

This week’s photo challenge is seen by even more people than the rooster. Hundreds — probably thousands — pass by it every day.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

If you recognize it, click “Comments” below. And — like Patricia Blaufuss — please add as many background details as you can.

8 responses to “Oh My 06880 — Photo Challenge #92

  1. On Saugatuck Ave, not far from the intersection with Riverside?

  2. Nancy Hunter

    Well, we at least know it is the Connecticut State motto: He Who Transplanted Still Sustains.

  3. Elizabeth Thibault

    It’s on the historical interest marker signs. It may be the one that’s at the corner of Post Road and South Compo, talking about the beach landing at Compo by British soldiers. There’s several around town, and I think they all have the same template. (It could be a different location, because that one is in the island in the middle of the road and the picture has a tree branch in it.)

  4. I know it’s the State Motto…Post Rd and South Compo Intersection…

  5. Elizabeth and Jill: You’re good! Yes, it’s the sign at the corner of Post Road and South Compo, where drivers often have to wait. I’m pretty sure it’s inaccurate, though: Compo Beach is more than “one mile south.” And, as Nancy notes (all the way from British Columbia), the Latin portion shown in the photo challenge is the Connecticut state motto.

  6. It also marks the beginning of Westport’s new 1.8 mile Scenic Road which ends at the west end of the Saugatuck Swing Bridge (see the really cool blue sign nearby in the shape of our state). This is the very place where the first shots were fired in that infamous 1777 British raid on Danbury. Eighteen citizen soldiers from our area lined up behind a nearby stone wall and waited. Before long 1,800 highly trained, heavily armed soldiers from one of the most powerful nations on the planet came into view in a column that stretched for a quarter of mile. Our guys took their shots and ran for their lives as the column broke out and returned withering fire. I think our side killed an officer and wounded a regular. As far as I know, all 18 Americans lived to tell the story.

  7. Brandon Malin

    It’s the sign that says “one mile south” at compo road and post road intersection.