Bob: The Tree

Not long ago, a big tree on the corner of Maple Lane and New Creek Road in Greens Farms was chopped down.

The other day, alert “06880” readers Mariken Wolffenbuttel and Oliva Morehouse Schoen noticed this sign on the stump:


So, “06880” readers:

Who — or what — is Bob?

And — more importantly — is that his nose or his mouth that’s blue?

7 responses to “Bob: The Tree

  1. This leaves me stumped!

  2. Jerry MacDaid

    I’m guessing the blue blob is the nose with the root at the bottom his mouth.

  3. Robert Mitchell

    Looks like an elephant’s head, with a blue splotch on its trunk.

  4. Nancy Hunter

    Pokemon Go?

  5. “Bob” notwithstanding, this massive stump makes me think of what Michaelango said: “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” As it’s opposite the exit from GFA, could it be a dragon?

  6. Nancy Hunter

    Maybe a sponge?