This Morning’s Hit-And-Run

A Bedford Middle School parent forwarded this email, sent today by principal Adam Rosen:

This morning, BMS bus #21 (morning run) was involved in a minor fender bender; the bus was rear-ended by a hit and run driver. This occurred at the intersection of Cross Highway and Weston Road.

Westport Police, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Palmer and Director of Transportation Mrs. Evangelista arrived on the scene to assess the situation. While no injuries were reported at the scene of the fender bender, out of an abundance of caution, upon arrival to BMS at 8:20 AM, all students were individually assessed by our health team and counseling team for physical and/or emotional injuries.

At this time, I can share with you that there were no injuries to our students. We are using all of our tender loving care at Bedford to take excellent care of your children.

The parent was pleased to receive the prompt email. But, he wonders — and so do I — what kind of driver has a hit-and-run with a SCHOOL BUS?!

School bus 1

7 responses to “This Morning’s Hit-And-Run

  1. There are some crucial parts left out of this story..

  2. What is left out? Do you have details? Are you a witness? Did the bus slam on its brakes causing the car to rear-end it?

    Please inform.

  3. What is missing David, if you hit a bus in front of you…you are travelling to closely? End of story.

    • see Dan’s follow-up post – I’d suggest that Dave Eason is in a pretty good position to know if some additional important details have not been brought to light

  4. Elizabeth Thibault

    If you hit anything, car, person, property, you stick around and take accountability. Hopefully the camera on the bus was able to capture the details of the other vehicle, through the back window.

  5. I’m glad the driver did the right thing–after he got his own son to school on time. It’s too bad that all the children on that bus–en route to the very same school as his son–had to be late in his stead while the bus driver followed the legal protocol and waited for the police to arrive.

  6. Maryann Gaherin Heller

    Oh my gosh, emotional counseling after your school bus gets rear ended??