Oscar’s Update

When Oscar’s closed last month, many devotees were devastated.

And several long-time employees were suddenly out of jobs.

Fortunately, it’s hard to keep good men (and women) down.

Alert — and gratified — “06880” reader Kevin Rakin reports that Joaquin, Javier and Lilly are all working at Greenfield Hill Market.

Oscar’s fans know what a great job they do. Now its Fairfield’s turn to find out.

Back at work, at Greenfield Hill Market.

Back at work, at Greenfield Hill Market.

7 responses to “Oscar’s Update

  1. Vanessa Bradford

    Way to go! Lee would be very pleased. Happy for them and we welcome them to Fairfield. Lucky us!

  2. Julie Van Norden

    Harry is at Village Bagel by Michael’s. But where is Mike?

    • Ali Papageorge

      This makes me so happy to see you posting this! Lily and her husband are very lucky to have these 2! I’m Sure my dad would approve of this message. Thank you

    • Ali Papageorge

      Mike moved to
      Vermont a while ago to be with his daughter and grandchild

  3. Lilly is one of the owners of greenfield hill market. I dont believe she ever worked at Oscars!

  4. Mary Papageorge

    Your right Lilly owns the market, Joaquin and Javier are the best! And Imis is going to work at Sherwood Diner, so happy they found jobs! Miss the Oscar employees and all our customers, thank you for all your prayers and thoughts while Lee was sick!! xoxox

  5. Lee always cared so very much about his employees…they were more like family to him. Knowing that they have jobs would mean the world to Lee! Continued love and support to all of them. We look forward to seeing them around town!