9/11 “Taps”

An alert “06880” reader who has never emailed before — and who requests anonymity — shares a special moment:

A friend and I were walking today. We took a seat at Old Mill Beach, on the bench next to the old Positano restaurant. We’ve walked there many times, but never sat down.

About 10 minutes into our conversation, a man appeared on the sidewalk. He started to play “Taps.”

Everyone nearby stood. A young boy put his hand over his heart.

When the man finished, we applauded and yelled “thank you!” He gave a quick wave, then disappeared.

My friend and I — who on September 11, 2001 were both newly married, and living in New York — cried our hearts out, right there on the bench.

We felt badly we had not taken a picture of the man playing “Taps.” Then we realized no photo could have captured that experience.

I don’t know the man’s name. But I hope he knows what a special moment he provided to the handful of people fortunate enough to have seen and heard him today.


6 responses to “9/11 “Taps”

  1. My mom, Susan, was there too at this exact moment and heard this. She was so moved.

    Thanks, Dan.

  2. Wow! Powerful & moving!

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  3. God bless us all. I fall apart when I hear “Taps” I am not as brave as those that do not.

  4. Awesome.

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  5. I too, was one of the very few people at Old Mill Beach. Despite the tears it brought, it was a beautiful moment. I’ll never forget it, as I’ll never forget why he was playing it…

  6. he was standing on the stone wall looking out to sea- the tone of his Taps was very slow deep and rich. it was real and also surreal. i cried. i was so grateful to this man and the others on the beach – it was a pretty perfect moment.