Our Town Crier Gets An Upgrade

Back in the day, the Town Crier was Westport’s must-read, twice-weekly newspaper. It covered all the usual local stuff — politics, sports, entertainment — as well as lots that would never be in a paper today. (“New Folks in Town” described new arrivals’ jobs, hobbies and religions. Police Reports included stop sign violations. And Divorce Reports cited names and reasons: abandonment, intolerable cruelty, whatever.)

The Town Crier is still around. And — though it has nothing to do with its predecessor, except the name — it is equally compelling reading.

Our Town Crier is Betsy Pollak’s website. It’s filled with business listings, upcoming events, classified ads and more — just like an old-fashioned newspaper. Of course, it’s a lot better looking. And much more interactive. (The calendar is searchable by day, week, month, and categories like “kids” or “music.”)

Our Town Crier - 2

Now, Our Town Crier has been upgraded. That’s good news for local business owners. Any store, restaurant, veterinarian, personal trainer, yoga instructor — you name it — can have his or her (or its) own page.

Non-profits are welcome too. The Westport Woman’s Club, Westport Historical Society and Homes With Hope are on there already.

And it’s absolutely free.

(The fine print: It’s free if you create it yourself — which is astonishingly simple. If you want Betsy to do it for you, there’s a small fee.)

On your business page, you can post info about hours of operation, sales, featured merchandise, new hires, photos, videos — whatever.

Our Town Crier is open to all Westport, Weston, Fairfield and Easton businesses. It’s limited to mom-and-pops though — locally owned, in other words. No big-box stores allowed!

Our Town Crier

Betsy’s upgrade has been accomplished with help from several Staples High  School interns. A couple of talented Westport women have helped too.

A lot of businesses don’t have their own website, Betsy notes. Our Town Crier becomes their web presence. Party Harty is a great example.

Click here for Our Town Crier. It’s a worthy successor to the newspaper of the same time.

Though without the divorce news.

21 responses to “Our Town Crier Gets An Upgrade

  1. Our Town Crier sounds great – none of the links worked for me.

  2. Jaclyn Jeffrey



    Link to site is not working for Town Crier.

    Best, Jaclyn

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  3. Town Crier must be shedding tears (pun) because the link is broken.

  4. Looking forward to trying it when they’re back up. (PR fiasco – they get a nice article and the site goes down!) Another Westport site where people can submit copy about their business, school sports or charities etc. is HamletHub – http://news.hamlethub.com/westport/. Still, nothing beats 06880 – I read it every day of the year and gratefully !!! : – )

  5. So sad ;( Can’t wait for it to appear, literally a year in the making…
    On another note, can anyone recommend a reliable hosting service :/

    • Yes! Try out Ben Kuyper: http://benkuyper.com/. He’s a Westport native, Staples High alum and offered exceptional Web & IT support to my non-profit, as well as hosting our server, for over five years. Affordable and reliable, too.

  6. Liked what I saw can see how useful this will be. So grateful that 06880 keeps me in touch with my old hometown.

  7. Their site is up, and I love the layout. Very nice addition to the local-Westport-focused sites . . . .

  8. Looks amazing Betsy. Keep up the great work!

  9. Congratulations Betsy. We will be setting up our page this weekend. Thank you and good luck with your new venture.

    Mike S.
    Saugatuck Digital Arts Workshop

  10. Congratulations Betsy, it looks fabulous!!!
    Tracy Flood, CLASP Homes

  11. If you would like to check out our latest newsletter here’s the link – http://conta.cc/2cmsKiC